thought aloud by pablo deferrari

how many of you knew that a luggage set was offered as an optional accessory for the 924? that's exactly what I thought...
how about a trailer hitch, first aid kit, dozens of Blaupunkt models, rear and front fog lamps, roof/ski rack, mud flaps, leather-wrapped steering wheel, rear 2-point safety belts, oil pressure/temperature gauges headlamp washers, snow chains, even a matte black silencer tip.

yep, you probably figured they had a few accessories available, maybe unsure of which ones, but here's the proof in writing. 

I love collecting these vintage brochures, and when I see a 924 ditched in the weeds, left for dead with "for sale" painted on the windows, I can't help but to think back of the thought and design that went into making them. they offered their proud new owners elements that would make their 924 very special and unique, because the owner of a new Porsche would've most certainly wanted to have their cars kitted with the genuine article that only the factory offered.

these were very special cars that were considered entry level Porsches, but not, by any stretch of the imagination, in an entry level league compared to it's Japanese counterpart, like say the must remember that.

these cars were once coveted, cherished, and shown off as a symbol of one's hard work and aspirations. they announced to the world not only your superior taste in automobiles, but that you were to be taken seriously.

that moment will come again...

images from the author's private collection


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