blurb by pablo deferrari

this car, the US liveried number 3 924 GTR, was one of the three 924s entered at Le Mans in 1980. now the other two, number 4 and number 2 were the German and British liveried cars which of course were piloted by...German and British drivers; Jürgen Barth and Manfred Schurti took number 4 and number 2 was in the hands of Tony Dron and Andy Rouse.

the American car had a twist. you see, Peter Gregg was supposed to drive alongside with Al Holbert, but because Gregg suffered a concussion in an earlier accident near Le Mans, Holbert needed a partner...and that guy was none other than Derek Bell—and Englishman. it was their first shared drive together which developed into a successful partnership that lasted for eight years.

I'll leave you with one more fact. who was behind the decorative flag liveries on the three 924s? English stylist Arnold Ostler.*

image source:
* Porsche 924 944 & 968, Michael Cotton



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