history lesson by pablo deferrari

as a kid, it was considered uncool if you spent any ounce of your weekend at the library—in fact, it was thought that something was seriously wrong with you. 

I didn't care though. spending loads of free time scouring the periodic literature section searching for magazine or newspaper articles written about Porsches from 1948 until the current year I was in. remember, the only thing that even resemble a computer in the early 80's for me was an Etch-A-Sketch.

I'd find obscure articles like this one, run to the photocopier, pop a nickel in, and have a piece of Porsche history to add to my collection. only until much later did I have the savvy to understand the basics of writing and pick out mistakes like "cut the mustard" on this piece where the author should've have used the correct idiom of "cut the muster." 



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