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"We get quite a few emails asking about Porsche part numbers and what they mean. The eleven digit numbers can be a bit of a mystery and knowing what they mean can be a big help when trying to track down that replacement part you need for your prize possession. Disclaimer: This is just a guide and should be used as such. Like every set of rules there are always exception and Porsche are famous breaking its own rules."

editor's note:

our comrade in the UK, Peter Bell of P101TV —The Independent Porsche Channel, has put together a great little primer on Porsche part numbers and what each group of numbers mean. I'll tell ya, if you don't already know all about this, Peter's guide will prove to be indispensable. check out his link below...




09/06/2014 16:24

Porsche part numbers are Volkswagen /Audi numbers. The first two/three digits may be f. ex. 171, which is the first generation Rabbit /Golf, internally Type 17, the third digit is for LHD - I4 owners have seen this.

N means normed parts, with N 900 denoting defacto standard, but not within DIN.

The companies were always close, to put it that way.


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