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like all things that have an ounce of mystique, interest if you like, you'll only turn up so much using Google that eventually you end up chasing your tail. that's exactly what I did with this very unique car—the JPGTC Porsche 968.
The Japanese Grand Touring Championship was established in 1993 in what was to become a yearly series held at legendary Japanese circuits like Twin Ring Motegi, Suzuka, and Fuji Speedway. The rules were very strict—the cars—strict weight penalties and power limits were imposed to keep things a bit fair.

Most of the cars, not suprisingly, were from Japan's big three; Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. But occasional you'd see a German pop up, like this heavily modified 968.
from what I could find, or rather not find again, was the manufacturer of this truly incredible creation. although I did get the company's name, Arktech Motorsports, Inc. based out of Japan, but a search revealed nothing but an offer to buy the domain name...in other words, they vanished.

I did, however, dig up a few interesting leads on Rennlist including two correspondences made between a couple of enthusiasts and the company spokesperson himself inquiring about how to get that insane kit for the 968.
one Rennlist enthusiast going by the name, TurboCab got the following response:
Thanks for a mail. We really appriciate to all the members of
Rennlist who care about us.

The name "GT4" came from "being higher than GT3R" and from
Liquid4. Details would be on the renew-version of our website officially.

However, let me introduce some detailed specs about our "Arktech Advan GT-4". 

Our concept of development is to build the world fastest 968
based real racing machine ever and win against GT3R.
Engine is 3.0L single turbo with 40 pai ristrictor, due to the
JGTC regulation. Performance is 380ps and Torq is more than 70Kg. 

If w/o ristrictor, it yield more than 500PS could be possible.
Transmission is from Hewland Sequential 6-speed. 
Engine management is working with Motec M800. 
Suspension, we use are double wishborne for both front and rear.
At the qualify race of SUGO circuit, we were on the second
posision among 7 Porsche based machines (GT3RSR 2004 was the top within the Porsche machines) although our top speed was 30Km/hr slower than the others.

About All Stars, to entry this race, we need to be selected. 
Thus,it is bit difficult for us to participate this race based on our 
passed records now. However, if many people are willing to see us and send many e-mailsto GT-Assoc. USA, we might have an opportunity to see you guys there.

Please see our future together. Thanks for your concern.

Hiroya Iijima
so apparently, this car is far more than just a kit since the engine is Turbocharged (although they don't say whether they used the original engine or a pushed out 951 lump, it does look like the 968 mill though), and upgraded suspension...they spent some serious coin on this 968. now a second Rennlist enthusiast named 944J got the following reply: 
Whom it may concern

Thanks for contacting us.

We do not sell our body kit for GT300 ver of 968 to the regular market. At first, most of these parts are not suit with normal chassis of 968. Then, we made them for upcoming race with much less time, so the design is not quite perfect which we were aimed. Also, the parts are all made of FRP, and it results heavy weights. 

We are planning re-create all the parts after this season finished. 

However, one racing team really want to buy them, and we explained the difficulty of installing body parts. But they admit the difficulty, and they would work on the parts all by themselves to install the parts because they also got piped flame for their Porsche 968. So, we have decided to sell the parts to these customers in the U.S. Now we are working on shipment.

If you are still would like to take them, please let us know the details
of the car. For example, if the car is for road car or racing car.

And also, please note that most of the parts are not able to be
installed into the normal 968 other than the rear fenders and side
sills(or side step, side skirt other people call)

Thanks for your concern


Masaya 'D' Sugishita
Arktech Motorsports Inc.,
this email clearly indicates that someone on our shores already bought what was a very expensive and exclusive kit. what a shame that these guys are no longer around because it sounds like they were on their way to doing for the 968s what Rauh Welt has been doing for 911s.

the hunt is on.


image and info sources: http://forums.beyond.ca/
www.advantage.co.jphttp://blog.livedoor.jp, http://rennlist.com


Patrick Garvan
10/22/2015 23:24

I met an American who must have been one of the people that bought this kit. I saw the car in a shop in Wisconsin and I believe they still run the car out of that shop.

There is a more contemporary Ultra 968 based racecar that has been totally custom built in Australia very recently. Details can be found in this link to a Rennlist thread. Would comfortably leave the Arktech car in the dust.


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