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the guy selling this one on Craigslist probably got tried of being called out as "Porsche-whipped." (find it here:
I've must've missed it.

if there was a recent study done on the alarming spike of DUIs by drivers of luxury cars, then clearly I did.

unless you've been living in cave without TV or newspapers like me, then I'm sure you've noticed that nearly every car manufacturer now has their own bike.
Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, are all in on it...but Porsche? a company who've always gone their own way unintentionally ignoring the status quo, seems to think they can capitalize on this craze and further insert themselves into the annals of "coolness."


they've should've steered clear of the bicycle business.

when companies like those mentioned are getting in on the action, it's time to sit your marketing department and explain to them how going in on such thing is absolutely wrong...and if anyone so much as thinks of sketching anything with two wheels, they'll be taken out back and mercilessly beaten with a piece of hydraulic hose.

yes it looks cool, yes it's another means of generating brand awareness, and yes, lots enthusiasts, especially new ones, would love to have a bike that goes neatly on the roof of the Porsche they've just leased. but none of this sits right with enthusiasts like myself.


simple. because Porsche is not in the bicycle business.
er, no thanks. for USD$10,612, I'd rather buy a vintage water-cooled Porsche.(image:
they don't have the pedigree of say Colnago, Cinelli, Cannondale, or even Trek whose sole purpose in life is to do just that, design and engineer bicycles. getting involved in such an endeavour which you have very little experience in, and probably very little interest in pursuing it long-term, means you'll be making a sucker out of those foolish enough who buy into it.

when a company ventures into unknown territory to cast its marketing nets far and wide in the hopes of bringing in new customers, they basically snubbed their noses of what made the company unique to begin with. I understand they had to expand they're market with the Cayenne and then the Panamera, but offering a two-wheeled accessory when your rivals are doing it too is not only out of character for someone like Porsche, it reeks of unimaginative thinking...guys, seriously, think it's time to change your direction.

lifestyle, I think is the buzzword they use these days. 

the newer patrons of the Marque who know very little or nothing at all about their rich history, are buying into the prestige much like the yuppies did in droves during the eighties. the overweight guy in cycling shorts shamelessly displaying the silhouette of his Vienna sausage on the front, buys the bike for probably the same reasons he bought the car.

sorry, but when you spend close to USD$8,300 on the pointless RS bike that's currently available, you're not only a chump with nothing better to spend your money on, you're a label whore too...just like the guy next to you on Lamborghini's version.

stick with what you know...lest you'll be making a fool of yourself.

BMW's version...
and Mercedes-Benz's...
hell, even little old VW has one. that covers the Germans.
on the Italian side is Alfa Romeo's...
Ferrari's "Enzo-would-spin-in-his-grave" version...
Maserati's—ooo, excuse me while I yawn...
and, of course, we can't leave out Lamborghini.


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