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Original 1962 Porsche Christophorus Calendar Coin 1st Issue and 1st Year Munze Wien with Christophorus the legendary carrier of the Christ child and the patron saint of all drivers on the face. this was the very first coin issued.
before we get into what these coins are all about, I want to explain exactly what Christophorus is and how it figures into Porsche history...stick with me, you're gonna learn something today.
Christophorus, for those who either never knew or cared less to find out about, is a Porsche house magazine that literally contains hot-of-the-press-from-Porsche information about things like design philosophy, new models, older, models, racing, people...anything that relates to Porsche and its history is in this magazine. it truly is the Porsche Bible and essentially is the "Hermes" of Zuffenhausen; meaning they are a sort of ambassador of the marque to the public. some may think it's pompous...yes it does come across as such, but keep in mind it's German and German sensibilities come off as a bit strange to us Yanks.
the back of the 1962 coin with a very Romanesque calendar design.
now, who created it and what does the name mean...well, Christophorus was the brainchild of racecar driver and journalist Richard von Frankenberg and graphic artist Erich Strenger founded in 1952. Christophorus is the legendary carrier of the Christ child and the patron saint of all drivers—von Frankenberg found it apropos that this magazine be named after this patron saint…and the rest, as they say, is history.

the coins are another matter. you see, Porsche has been giving out these coins along with their calendars since 1962, which is the coin we see pictured above and below. this was the very first coin and has become a very sought after piece by Porsche collectors and historians alike. they’re so-called “Münze Wien,” which literally means “Vienna Coin” because of where they are minted, but like anything else that involves antiquities, you have to become a Divvy to be able to spot first, second, and third reissues.

they’re kinda like a Cracker Jack prize…each year, the coin sports a different Porsche model, figure, or some other historical icon making them each very unique. so, if you, like your author, live for Porsche history, these coins aren’t to be missed when they surface.

along with the very first 1962 issue, we’ve showcased all of the coins from the 60’s. stay tuned, in the net installment, we’ll bring you the coins from the 1970s and put them in our market segment as they surface on eBay or Craigslist.


1963 chistophorus münze

the 1963 version has Dr. Ferdinand Porsche gracing the front.
the rear with calendar sundays and holidays 1963.

1964 christophorus münze

1964 showcases the Lohner-Porsche from 1900.
ha! threw you for a loop on this one...yep, no calendar and it was the only coin ever released without the calendar on the back side. third in the series and very rare!

1965 christophorus münze

1965 gives us the legendary Carrera GTS on the face.
lots of thought went into the designs of the calendars...this one done in Romanesque style.

1966 christophorus münze 

1966 with the 911/912. the 911 was in its third year in production while the 912 was in its second when this coin was minted.
the back of this 1966 coin takes on a more organic tone.

1967 christophorus münze

1967 commemorates Porsche's four-time GT world championship and six-time hill climb champion as written on the face of the coin" viermal gran turismo weltmeister sechsmal gran turismo europa-bergmeister."

1968 christophorus münze

the 1968 coin celebrates “Porsche Konstruktion Prinz Heinrich 1910." The Prinz-Heinrich-Fahrt (Prince Heinrich Tour), was named after Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich of Prussia. it was an endurance contest held from 1908 to 1911 and a precursor to the German Grand Prix.

1969 christophorus münze

the last coin of the decade in 1969 had the 908 short tail with its flat-8 boxer engine allowed Porsche to compete in all the championship races for the first time with hopes of overall victory rivaling Ferrari.


Dan Pagnella
12/29/2014 22:38

Thanks for the history of the Porsche Konstruktion coins. I recently picked up 1968-1971 at a yard sale. Very interesting! Are these coins worth anything?


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