report by andrey volkoff

If you want to discuss ultra-rarity, you're looking at it.

It's not very often that we see a 928 here in Russia, an S4 at that. I came across this specimen in my travels and was lucky enough to speak with the owner who was short on time but was able to give me a little history on his car.
I've never laid eyes on a 928 S4 in the flesh, so you can imagine the awe and incredible good fortune I had this day. The owner let me have a look around and take a few photographs while he explained that he was just coming back from a long trip he took to see a specialist to try and help him with some wiring issues he was having.

As I clicked away with my camera, he mentioned that he was willing to sell the car for USD$23,000 which seemed rather fair since this 928 seemed to be in very good condition despite needing a wash. The interior struck me as being rather curious; when I asked the owner about it, he mentioned that it had been re-upholstered a few years ago. There was so much more I wanted to ask him, especially how he came to acquire the S4. Porsche has only been in Russia officially since 1998 when they opened their first dealership so any Porsche that's been here before then must have been imported privately which makes for some interesting conversations.

This car must have some story to tell, hopefully we will meet again to hear all about it--



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