I nearly pissed myself laughing. at first I thought this was some sort of Photoshop nonsense propeller heads do when they tire of playing Grand Theft Auto...but it wasn't; it was serious, this.
the PAG Porsche 928 replica
the Brasilians are a very ingenious lot. never mind that they have their own way of doing things, it's the things they do that are unique; case in point, cars based off of VW parts.

somehow they've stuck with the mantra that has driven Porsche from the very beginning in using proven components from Papa VW. no need to reinvent the wheel when you've other more important things to do like...make a 928 replica.

this sweet little number gracing our pixels is made by a company called Dacon in Brasil. what started out as a local Porsche representative, they had to move to greener pastures after car importation became prohibited in 1976. those greener pastures were their domestic VW brand

what Dacon did was begin designing a series of cars using, amongst other things, 928 rear lights. the first one was born in 1982, they called it the Dacon 828, the 82 stands for the year and the 8 was for the 8th car Dacon built on their own. the 828 had a little rear mounted air-cooled twin Solex 1.6 liter VW boxer engine putting out 65hp and mated to a four speed gearbox that apparently made it good for 142 km/h. designed by Anisio Campos, he of Puma design fame, they were sold from 1983 to about 1994...approximately 47 were ever sold.  

the slides below are of the 828:
nevertheless, this car has a cult like following, but it isn't cheap. apparently it was expensive when new, and pretty goddamn expensive now with numbers for a restored 828 like the yellow one in the slides commanding upwards of USD$12,000.

was it a practical car for the mass of Brasilians? not at that price. even the way it's engineered leaves little chance for the driver to survive hitting a speed bump. it weighs 650kg, has one seat made for three but there's only two seat belts, the entire body is made of fiberglass and resembles a hollowed out ball since the front of it is a separate piece held together by four wood screws. the whole kit sits on 10" phony phone dials, they uprated the rubber to a sporting 175/70 x 13 a bit later.
images of the Dacon joint with the real McCoy to the right.
the 928 Replica version seems a bit more elusive...and quite frankly, I lost patience overturning every electronic pebble trying to find any information on what I think is the coolest of the Dacon designs, this mini 928. the Dacon 828, the mini Nick, the Nick L, and the PAG Chubby can't hold a candle to it...I did find a 928 replica for sale, though—and it was under five grand US.

how they got away with literally copying the 928 squishing it into shape, is beyond me...I think big Poppa VW had some pull in putting it's arm out holding Porsche back from going at Dacon's throat. in all honesty, good on 'em. the best part of this car is the fact that they stuffed the engine in the back of the 928-mini; this was on the drawing board at one point for the original 928 before Fuhrmann slammed his fist down and had it put in the front...clearly this design would've appeased both he and Ferry.

this is a car Porsche shoud've built for commuters, city dwellers, or as a stepping stool for those who aspired to one day owning the real thing. Anisio was the Brasilian Wolfgang Möbius and quite frankly, he's a genius in my book...and that says a lot.

the Nick lookin' very bitchin' with real Phonies.
the PAG Chubby looking very Golf-esque.
the real 928 would be envious of this tiny toosh.
and her little sister's cheek implants and nose job.
the 928's design is crystallized in this shot.
this one has the much lusted after GTS tear-drop style mirrors.
perhaps this design would've drawn in more 911 customers who only speak "rear-engine-air-cooled"
the man, the myth, the legend...Anisio Campos


Pimenta Presidente do Clube da Dacon
01/15/2017 05:44

Ola Pessoal :

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" Presidente " do CLUBE "

Pimenta Presidente do Clube Dacon
04/14/2017 16:46

Ola Pessoal :

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Agora So Falta ADIQUERIR o NICK de ( 04 ) Lugares Que e Feito Em Cima da Plataforma do VOYAGE e o PAG Que e Feito Em Cima da SANTANA QUANTUN Na Cor Preta Onde So Fez ( 1 Um ) Carro So, Para EU Completar Os ( 06 SEIS ) Modelos NICK's e PAG e CHUBBY Fabricado Pela DACON

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OBS : ..Visite a CIDADE da FAMILIA PIMENTA Em Minas Gerais





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