words by pablo deferrari sketch by matt mariani

"I'm practicing, (old minerva blau) but all of my 20 year old markers were dry..."
I'm in a business that, like everything else, has succumbed to a much cleaner method of presenting an idea. these days, to rub the client between the front pockets means giving them a facsimile of the idea as it would look in a finished, sort of manufactured form. 

in lay terms, they prefer to skip the kissing and rubbing and just want you to shove it in and then leave the keys on the table when you're finished.
in looking at Matt Mariani's sketches though, I can't help to think that the free hand will make a comeback like cassette players, VCRs, and just about anything that was en vogue during the coked-up 80's. there's nothing better than presenting a rough idea in this format that's open to interpretation...a little kiss before being embuggered is a far sweeter proposition. 

big thanks to Matt for sketching the Minerva Blue 928 above exclusively for flüssig.



Cole Gill
11/05/2014 13:59

My First 928 experience was a Minerva blue 77, with a beige/brown interior. Still can see that car in my mind after 22 years, and it looks as good as ever. Was a Euro model, such a fun car to drive for an 18 year old shop go-fer! Beautiful sketches!

11/05/2014 21:22

Thank you Pablo, you're way too kind as always my friend..

11/27/2014 15:21

F&#K ! do I love Matt's drawings !!


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