words and shots by leo dijkstra

Man, what is it with this shark! I knew I went a bit against the adage 'Buy the best you can' with this P-car. Ahum, just a bit... But hey, it was black with tan seats, and had the Euro S with 310 galloping horses! I cannot resist that!?! But if my 928's quality is anything near the middle of the statistical bell-curve, then how on earth can there still be '70% of all Porsches ever made are still on the road'?! Or should that read '70% still upon a two post car lift with a frothing owner beneath it that is about to drop the #$%£¥ thing to the floor'.
Ok, the sound of the shutting the door oozes quality. I admit. It still sounds like a vault after 30 years. Like a vault that's really good at keeping my money inside its belly...

And that 1984 Euro S engine is still going strong as well. Despite skipping a few teeth on one cam it ran like a steam train. But then, it ran like a steam train... Puffing out of its cracked header tank. And after replacing that, out of its water pump...

Ah, I may be too hard on the black beast. It's thirty years old. Stuff like that is about to happen right? Especially when it was probably run on a shoestring for half of its life. But does it really have to throw two more chores at me when I finish one? Come on! No wonder the German's have a word for that: 'Reparaturstau'. 
Did you ever experience a bursting oil return pressure hose in the middle of your garage? No? It's so nice...You don't know what you're missing. And all you have to do is wait for it to happen.

Or what about a leaking fuel pump after you've just filled up the gas tank to the brim. I can tell you it's a special feeling taking ten jerrycans of juicy gas from underneath your Porsche. Luckily I had a thirsty Range Rover at hand. 

Ok, the water pump and timing belt did good for the beast. But it had me with my back against the wall. I seriously considered selling it, but who'd  want it? So I dug in anyway. But man, was that WYAIT list tiresome... Especially since the belt tensioner arm was made up from a cocktail of 928's from different vintage. Is that much revered 'continuous development' at Porsche maybe synonymous for 'fixing up initial design problems with completely un-interchangeable parts?' Is there mayabe one part from a 1978 car actually the same in the 1995 model? Or an '83 versus an '84? Please? One? Maybe?

At least it doesn't rust. No, but then the stupid owner (me) didn't remember you need to pull the handbrake as tight as the cable can handle... Only to watch it slowly progress downhill as I was opening up the gate and see it autonomously scratch and dent its left front fender. Ah, well, another item on the list...

I'll spare you the details of the shark's current maladies. It's probably just a cold. 

It'll heal itself. I'm sure...

So, thinking of buying a 928? Don't! 

You still want one I hear? Buy a Maserati! 

I understand they come with a really nice clock...

And on that bomb shell, it's time to quote Clakson, “Owning this car is like a 2 year old child, it’s really annoying for a lot of the time but if someone tried to take it away from you you’d kill them.”

Kind regards, Vriendelijke groeten,

Leo Dijkstra aka 'The Dutch Shark'


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