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it's very rare to see any documentation of the 944's birth place in Neckarsulm. were it not for an enthusiast by the name Jerry Forthofer who's captured such an important moment in history to share with the rest of us, we'd always wonder what went on behind the curtain. I've reached out to Jerry to ask for his permission to re-post these images here for the rest of us to see—we're very grateful for his generosity. Thank you, Jerry.


In the summer of 1985, my wife, son and I took a vacation in Germany. We have been PCA members since 1978 and owned a 944 at the time we took the trip. One of the places we visited was Neckarsulm to visit the factory that made the 944. At this time, the 944 Turbo had not been introduced in the states. We saw the factory test drivers in 944 Turbos and I took some other pics that you might find interesting. I decided to scan my slides from that trip so I have not looked at these for a very long time.

Jerry Forthofer

original images in color



matthew mariani
01/03/2015 16:33

I remember when my Dad's friend bought a brand new 951 and brought it to our house to show him.

I'll never forget how he described it as being as much fun as his sport bike.


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