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photos of a 968 in prototypical stages are difficult to come by, so when we see one devoid of it's scalp, it's cause for one to sit up, clean the spectacles, and pay attention.
at first glance, the connoisseur of the 968 Cabriolet will easily spot the subtleties that differentiate it from the final evolution. like observing any sculpture in the confines of an art museum, the eye needs a bit of time to look things over, mentally absorbing compound curves, proportions, the flow of lines and such until finally everything makes sense—it's only then that one can appreciate the piece and walk away satisfied.
but supposing that sculpture was merely an exercise in search of the honed form and right next to it was the final form of it...now things begin to get very interesting, provocative even.

it's hard to pretend to erase the image of the 968 as we know it and look at this prototype with fresh eyes, no, actually nearly impossible. things like the delicately sloping Italianate rear and how it blends beautifully with the elegant undercut of the rear bumper, the crease above the rear haunch starting just aft the door, hugging the boot line as it terminates gracefully into a swooping point. 

there's also an absence of the cladding that strips the body of any aggressive sinuosity focusing instead on smooth, toned skin that seems confused on how to deal with the fender lines fore and aft the door failing miserably to incorporate them.

save for the function of the bumpers, the shape of the body is purely one to seduce the eye so when we look at the canvas top, it too, like the bumper, gives one a false sense of reality. their final forms need to strike a clever balance between performance, structure, and aesthetics...never easy to do without a compromise.

I'd say the final form, although a bit thick in the flanks, works. it speaks the language of what Porsche was 20 years ago without pretense or absurdity...classic Porsche design philosophy.


image source: http://forums.vwvortex.com


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