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we may never see five of these 924 prototypes in the flesh, seeing the sixth one is a possibility if you so choose to visit her at the Porsche museum. these cars are legends in their own right claiming a very important moment in Porsche history that would set the tone for the Marque's future generations; this is precisely why I chose to commit them to memory.
this won't be a history lesson—yet, but more a visual reference to use when coming across their images. beginning with the very first of the series with chassis 924 001 constructed in 1980, this GTP (P for prototype) car that was used by the factory as a test bed for subsequent 924 GTR/GTP in preparation for Le Mans. as of this writing, 001 is being restored by Freisinger.
the next three cars continue using Porsche's chronological numbering sequence with special chassis numbers. 

chassis 924 002 is one of three cars adorned with liveries representing three countries, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States for Le Mans 1980 . this GTR was the UK car driven by Andy Rouse and Tony Dron appropriately wearing the number 2.
GTR chassis 924 003 is the number 3 car wearing the United States colors. this car was driven by Al Holbert and Derek Bell substituting for Peter Gregg at the last moment.
the third entry bearing chassis number 924 004 is the German liveried car piloted by Jürgen Barth and Manfred Schurti. it not only competed at Le Mans 1980, but also at Le Mans 1981 adorned with Hugo Boss livery wearing the number 36 in IMSA/GTO class.
next in line is chassis 924 005 which was another one of Porsche's test cars constructed by Norbert Singer. this GTP was very special in that it possessed Porsche's legendary 2,5 liter engine that was the foundation for the up and coming 944, more specifically the 944S as it had a four valve head. a complete story of folklore proportions can be read in an article we wrote some time ago. 


the images you'll see are mistakenly interpreted as the infamous number 1 Hugo Boss car that competed in Le Mans 1981 alongside chassis 004 also wearing Hugo Boss livery but numbered 36 when in fact it's merely a privately owned replica.
the last in the series is the legendary number 1 Hugo Boss car that resides in the Porsche Museum. there's a tendency to label this as the 944 GTP since it was the prototype for the 944 announced two weeks after the race. instead, this was another 924 GTP chassis 924 006 and the last of the 924 prototype/racers.

image sources: www.freisinger-motorsport.dewww.titchati.be


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