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the very rare and elusive "Turbo Italia" edition 931.
I find it a thrill, this business of Porsche historical mining—trouble is, the internet is quite possibly the worst place to pin-point the finer points of the obscurities I often obsess about. my library of books on the subject is where I start my queries and once found, I pair them with those found on this medium for fun. so it was of no surprise that my latest fixation on the last batch of 924 Turbos reserved for Italy revealed very little for me to cross examine, and what little I found lead me into unfathomable depths...I suppose I have to be the only historian on the planet who actually gives a toss about such things and bothers to write about them.
310 cars, that's what my sources whisper on how many 931s quietly slipped across the Alps into Italy and only for Italy beginning with serial number  WP0ZZZ93ZDN100001. for model year 1983, the Italians who've been bamboozled by their government since 1973 into thinking that the so-called "energy crisis" would be best handled if they charged a tariff on anything over 2 liters, received this gift from Porsche.  for everyone else, the little 177bhp firecracker would be a pleasant memory after 1982.

Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati too decided it best to comply with the sub-2 liter rule if they wanted to continue casting their net into a sea of vanishing sport car enthusiasts. Lamborghini produced the 1,994cc V8 Urraco P200, Ferrari threw in their version with a 1,991cc V8 208 even Turbocharging one version, and Maserati brought up the rear with Quasi-French 1,999cc V6 Merak. incidentally, Ferrari would go on record in producing the world's smallest capacity V8 ever offered in a production car.
the NC3 black/anthracite-burgundy seating of the 1984 "special model" Turbo Italia.
Porsche simply couldn't afford to make such a small run of 2 liter engines for their new 944 that made its debut in the first half of 1982, so this partially explains why they chose to extend the life of her petite older sister south of the Tyrols...the 2,5 liter would have a limited amount of enthusiasts willing to pay not only the increased MSRP, they'd also have to sift through the lint to come up with the necessary ducats to cover their country's tax penalty for buying 500ccs more.

by 1984, Zuffenhausen thought the 931 should go out with a low-key pop by creating 88 units (some claim 86) beginning with serial number WP0ZZZ93ZEN100001 all in Zermatt silver with a very smart set of seating cover in a lovely NC3 anthracite leatherette/cloth with "Porsche" scripted in burgundy.
curiously, I've yet to find an official option code for the Turbo Italia as the PET catalogue makes no mention; aside from this, they all possess the M31.03 engine along with a G31.01 gearbox with the optional M220 limited slip. I also found it not only difficult in my search for these last two years in any market, the ones I did find like these pictured, and I was lucky enough to find two 1984 Turbo Italias, were photographed with such a horrid eye that were you to give an epileptic chimp the camera, he'd fare far better.

if you're vacationing on the Amalfi coast, or on a trek to the fountain of youth in Margherita di Savoia, you should make it your business to seek out the last of these legendary little bricks because as far as rare and desirable 924s this side of the Carrera GT goes, it doesn't get any better.

a 931 of 1983 vintage


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