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Freud was full of shit. it's a known fact that he and his old lady's sister did lots of blow (coca, yeyo, white lady...choose your slang) together, so this certainly put a dent in lots of his theories...anal retention is one of them.

I do suffer from such a personality, but the reason I hold my mud back is quite simply because I'm trying to put one last thought or sentence down before my bowels threaten me with a rumble that suggests a bigger problem than finishing a line. so this 924 should make me cringe and obsess over making things "right' on it...but it doesn't. I like it the way it is.
I'm drawn to it, curious about examining its exposed rotting guts to see not only how the factory put it together, but also how time and the elements decided to alter her appearance.

Barry James, the previous owner of this 924, was intrigued by it too; so much so that he decided to buy the damned thing and scavenge what little he could from it before passing her on. if you read his blog, he'll proudly point out what he was able to pry off of this pathetic corpse for his own needs. but it seems that he too was a bit obsessed by the decay. his photographs reveal his eye for examining the ruins with an archaeological perspective. one with interests in such states of decomposition can spend hours carefully studying the shots looking for any clues that will give up her secrets and perhaps let one in on her past, they offer such an invitation.
"just thought you'd like to see my video of a terribly neglected 1977 Porsche 924. I did manage to remove some useful parts before it went away."

this is how Barry invited us in. most of us find beauty in such wretchedness, others may shake their head in disgust over the state of what was once a very expensive car, and a few of us are demented enough to allow liquor's encouragement on saving this car. that last notion can be dismissed simply because these little bricks aren't ripe for the saving yet, but they will be. years, maybe decades from now we'll look back on these images and say, "goddamn, why didn't I keep that old 924." with the same remorse many have today on that 356A or 911E they passed up or sold off because they were in a similar state as this one.

remember that thought...


our thanks to Barry James for this morosely wonderful share that served him well.



Joe Sharp
02/19/2015 12:11

I just can't watch!

02/20/2015 14:30

Wheels look alright!


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