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when I first found these works, I said to myself, "goddamn...these would look fabulous on 928 and 968 hoods; their unique shapes would lend themselves perfectly as blank canvases." this thought quickly went from using their hoods to using the entire car, why not? Porsche's "hippie" and "pink pig" 917s were not only completely original but also superbly done; much later, the 944 Turbo Cup car "pinkie" followed suit. the thinking got to possibly scour craigslist for a beater Porsche that would be a perfect specimen for such work; guiltless fun.

now these works were exhibited at the Porsche Museum years ago, but this artist and Porsche lover from Argentina is a story that needs repeating. art like this never loses its freshness, and if you have any appreciation for such a thing, it's always a treat to see now and then.
Jorge Gomez, an entrepreneur/industrialist, has two passions—Art and Porsches. 

back in 2008, he placed an order for a GT2 and 1 year later, it arrived to its new home in Argentina. Being that it was the first and only GT2 on Agrentine soil at the time, he decided to celebrate this moment by painting a mural on a GT2 hood. this idea sparked him to purchase 5 more hoods and commission a few local artist friends from Argentina and neighboring Uruguay. Among them were Pablo Atchugarry, Clorindo Testa, Marta Minujin, Carlos Paez Vilaro, and Rodrigo Polesello. one of the artists was Eduardo Strauch, survivor of the plane crash in the Andes that sparked the book and movie 'Alive,' met Gomez through a mutual fascination with the Andes. soon other artists joined in and painted their pieces amassing the collection to 26 individually painted hoods that have been exhibited around the world. and the collection continues to grow.

highly original falls short in describing these pieces. they are a representation of the unique artists and a culture all their own in countries where passions are intense whether they be for patriotism, food, wine, art, and Porsches. 

here's the link to Jorge Gomez's website:



image sources: www.motorvsmotor.comgta4.cfgfactory.comglobedia.com, www.colecciongomez.com


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