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some time ago, I decided I would acquire an old industrial building, possibly a turn of the century warehouse, and start a Porsche museum. I know exactly how it will look.

everything inside is to be white, clean, spotless...like a laboratory. the Porsches parked inside will have some sort of patina, the likes of which only time and use could ever leave...none of that restored-never-used-concours bullshit. 

aside from the cars, there'll be a section of the building that'll have every brochure for every Porsche in every language. another section will have every style of seat clothed in every material that Zuffenhausen ever produced, there'll also be wheels, engines and gearboxes on stands, entire drivelines hanging fro the ceiling at eye level, steering wheels, hoods from every model will hang on the wall to showcase every color Porsche used on those specific models. oh, and the walls will have loads of posters, signs, and placards just like these.

sounds a lot like the one in Stuttgart, right? just tad...but this one will here in the states where one of the largest collections of enthusiasts happen to reside.
you see, every time I see memorabilia like the these dealer placards Mike van der Weerd has for sale, my mind begins to churn out ideas quicker than I can find some paper and a pen to jot them down with. this is the sort of thing I thrive on, it's one of the thousands of things, which happen to be all Porsche related, that gets me out of bed to start another day that brings with it limitless possibilities.

Mike tells me that these advertisements were the ones used in Porsche Zentrums beginning in the 80s and well into the 90s all over Europe to decorate their showrooms. each measures about 1 meter wide by 1,2 meters tall and they were changed quite often to keeps things fresh and current with the new models. Mike was kind enough to share with us a few that he has in his collection. have a look, and if you little heart desires any sort of Porsche memorablia, drop Mike a line.




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