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As we can see from the owner's manual, this Porsche 928 S is from the collection of Prince Rainier. It was sold new in Dusseldorf, Germany, before heading to Ticino in Switzerland where it changed hands and finally joined the Prince de Monaco Collection. It was then acquired by the museum and the odometer at that point showed just 67,000km, which is a modest mileage for such a mile-devouring grand tourer. 
The maintenance log book indicates a complete overhaul at 60,090km, in April 1994. With an automatic gearbox, the car comes in a very good original condition, with an extremely well-preserved interior. The beige leather seats have very little wear and small booster seats at the back have obviously been little used. The interior reveals the quality of manufacture of the Stuttgart-based carmaker. Under the hood, the intake pipes are clean and mechanicals are very well -preserved. This low mileage car provides an opportunity to taste the exceptional performance of a very fine grand tourer. 

Monegasque title (Collector car) 
Chassis # WPOZZZ92CZS840992 
Engine No. 82C5544 

- No reserve 
- Very good condition, with all original books 
- Low mileage, three owners 
- A reliable and powerful car 
- 67,000kms since new
it was Prince Rainier III who handed the 1978 Car of the Year trophy to Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann for the first and only Porsche to receive this prestigious award, the 928. clearly, the Prince must've been smitten with the '28 because one of the cars that was sold off in an auction by Artcurial in Terrasses de Fontvieille, Monaco back in July of 2012 was his 1982 S.

the hammer came down at €40.037 (USD$43.450), a bit low really for a car of such provenance, a low mileage 928 owned by a mere mortal would've probably sold for as much. interestingly, €15-20.000 was the estimated amount it was thought to sell for; around USD$16.278-21.705...disgraceful. the auctioneer did a rather lousy job in representing the car, even the VIN was incorrectly typed (I fixed it out of respect to the old girl). surprisingly, they did give what looks like the correct engine number; 82C5544 which tells us that it was assembled in 1982 (the letter C) and it's a version 2 (second digit) M28.12 lump destined to be mated to an A22.04 3-speed automatic, option M249, which should have a serial number between 16C5001>9999. had they contacted me to write the goddamned thing up, I would have done her much more justice.

the livery suggests it to have been a pace car, although I couldn't produce one image of it in any Grand Prix. initially, I thought it might have been used in the 1982 Monaco GP, but that honor went to a Lamborghini Countach. regardless, whoever the new owner is, he got the thing at a bargain.

this was one of 38 cars that were auctioned off by his son Prince Albert, all of them without reserve.


images: http://www.caroftheyear.orghttp://www.artcurial.com
Prince Rainer III center flanked by Dr. Fuhrmann on the left and Paul Frère on the right.


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From his son's mouth, the Porsche 928 was the best car he ever owned : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9pQYuP2JWc


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