story and photo by William Rick Christian

Former Porsche CEO Peter Schutz shakes my hand and signs my 944.
While working on a nice sunny day in late summer in 2014, a surprised guest decided to pay our shop a visit. This person is the former President and CEO of Porsche from 1981 to 1986, Peter Schutz. .
He was a humble man about his desires and love for the car that overseen for half a decade. Peter Schutz, the brainchild of the 944 and the savior of the 911. While our owner was showing Peter around the shop, i was called to the front to meet Peter. I was happy shake the hand of one of the major contributor to the Porsche name and saving what was going to be lost. When i shook his hand, his grip was firm, a true Porsche, firm with no weaknesses. 

Chris my boss told Peter you should see Rick's engine in his 944, you will really love what he has done. Peter was eager to go see my car, i was shy i didn't know what to do, Peter is like a celebrity to me. We walked out to my car and a great big smile came upon his face, he stood next to my car and started to pet the driver side fender, and said, 

"I love this car, the 944 was a dream of mine and it help keep Porsche afloat during its hard times." 

He was impressed with the work that has been done to the engine to make it POP in the engine bay. Peter turned to me and said 

"do you want me to sign your car?" 
I didn't know what to say, except YES, so he signed my coolant reservoir first, then my fuse cover and then my interior trim. I asked him if has signed many cars, he told me "not many", so I now have and own a signature edition 944 by Peter Schutz, the brainchild of the 944.


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