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flüssig enthusiast Steven Wade's 968 CS shows us the plug in place of the rear hatch lock cylinder
one of the first things that came to mind when I awoke this morning was Matt Mariani. no, it wasn't some homoerotic dream you oik, I was hashing out this very article during REM sleep when I immediately thought about of how the creator of the superleggera 928 RS would go gaga about this little known detail found in the 968 Club Sport.
Matt is always looking for ways to shave micro grams from his 928 Renn Sport which is so amazingly light, its weight is in the negative. his thinking rivals that of the engineers at Porsche who specialize in weight saving solutions for cars such as the deletion of the rear hatch lock cylinder in the CS.

it's ridiculous, you may say. removing a tiny luxury like being able to unlock the boot from the outside with a key in an effort to save weight is like fly pussy; small, unfathomable, damn near inconsequential. but when you add up ten or so of these elements, the grams suddenly turn into kilos, and that makes all the difference in the world because at the end of this exercise, this 968 lost 50 of them.

what Porsche decided to do here is beyond a Bauhaus designer's wildest dream. they simply chucked the lock cylinder, the leach of a micro switch, and its clamp with a plastic bung they simply call "cap" and slapped part number 944 505 671 00 on it. you might say to yourself, "great, now how do you get the hatch open?" well, when you've been around Porsches long enough, you begin think like the engineers do and know that there's a pull cord somewhere to release it from the inside...and there is. 
the rear hatch pull found on the driver's side (LHD)
this Club Sport did away with the plug altogether...grams I tell you, it's all down to the grams
no need for such frivolities, chuck it in the bin
www.968clubsport.com, a most excellent resource for all things 968, had a lovely image of the handle that pops the boot. you can see how Porsche cleverly designed the interface; it's not hidden, you needn't possess a PhD to figure its whereabouts or clumsily fish your hand under the bumper as you might have done when undoing a bra clasp on some floozy in your younger days...it's right there on the driver's side in all its accessible glory.

they've attached a bowden cable, number 944 512 097 05 to the latch and infused a little early 911 fairy dust on it by giving it the same T handle (901 552 813 20) used since the birth of the 911 up until the 964. and because there's now a handle sticking out of the carpeted side lining, the CS also gets its own part number (944 555 083 05 and 06 from MY1994) for the lining with a hole for the bowden cable to come out of in a dignified manner.

the greatest thing about owning a Club Sport is knowing that in it lives lots of little details such as this...we're just getting warmed up here.



matthew mariani
05/05/2015 21:05

I want one ! Funny that you wrote this i've been thinking that if not another 911 a 968 will be the next to have.

BTW, I think of you all the time too Pablo.


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