words and images by hank rice

I bought an old '80 931 back in '05 for a project...it didn't run, but I was primarily interested in the idea of something different in appearance, but retaining the basic lines of the body and possibly a significant reduction in weight as well.

I thought of re-designing the roof line (which is still a thought for someday), but the idea of a true roadster (as opposed to a cabriolet) was more deserving in that it would be the most unique. some thorough investigation of the platform indicated what would need to be changed and upgraded to support the absence of the upper unibody and facilitate drainage for the different panels involved in the conversion.
in actuality, as the project progressed, all the little changes ultimately transformed this into an unexpectedly huge undertaking composed primarily of endless details; especially considering that the original plan was for something far more simple (more akin to simply chopping off the top and going with a rudimentary covering...a la "speedster."

somewhere in the course of things, I thought it might be different to become a sort of one-man conversion operation and coined the name ZuffenPro along with a stylized European"Z" logo which now comprises the current badging, as a lot of Porsche is now either no longer there, or is heavily modified, and getting to be less every day...hell, Gemballa did it!

essentially then, and with the realization that you can never have "everything", the project is now quite roadworthy at a little over 2000lbs with the ultimate power goal of around 300RWHP and still be able to pass DEQ (in California!). the beauty of all this is that it is still considered an active project and, considering it is re-manufactured, a one-off prototype... 


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