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As children, many of us have some sort of dream to one day fulfill; and there’s always a few who dream of one day owning a certain car. I was one of the few, and the 911 with a whale tail that I saw on a T.V. show or movie, I forget which, was my dream.  
Many years later, I never thought I would own that dream car or any Porsche for that matter; they were too expensive, a bit out of reach…or so I thought. It was on a Labor Day weekend in 2012 that my friend called me to tell me about a 944 he saw for sale.  The 944 wasn’t my dream car; besides, I really didn't know anything about them except for how they were regarded as the Poor Man’s Porsche.  So we went to look at this 1985.5 944 and it was far from perfect.  I made an offer and as you can see, I now own this wonderful 944. While I have made some minor upgrades to improve its look and to satisfy my love for the Porsche, this1985.5 944 N/A is mostly stock. I did some upper head work, installed a ceramic coated intake manifold and headers, a transmission from a 1987 951 along with many little things to improve the looks and performance without taking away from the true look and integrity and beautiful lines of the body.

There is one thing this 944 possesses, though, that makes it particularly unique and possibly the only one in the world of its kind…it’s a Signature Edition. You’re probably wondering, “wait a second, a Signature Edition 944? When did this happen?”
former President and CEO of Porsche AG Peter Schutz (on the left) shaking my hand next to my 944.
The story goes like this. 

I am a Technician at Munk’s Motors in Waterford, Michigan. Peter Schutz, the former President and CEO of Porsche, stopped into our shop with his son-in-law. So then my boss asked me to come to the front lobby and after I walked in, I was introduced to Peter Schutz and was informed of his title.  I was in awe and didn't know what to say.  I shook his hand with a good firm shake; he had many words to say about our company and enjoyed the display of Porsches on the front lawn. The purpose for his stop is still unknown to me, but I was happy that he was there especially since my boss asked me to show Peter my 944. I was only too proud to show off my prize. 

With the engine bay cleaned and the car all shined up, Peter was impressed.  There was some small talk between us, but I was still in awe of who I was speaking with.  Peter then asked if I wanted my car signed by him, I didn't know what to say other than YES!  I ran back in the shop, went to my tool box, grabbed a black marker and a paint pen, ran back and handed them to Peter; he signed my car in three locations. To help enhance the look, I had some Signature Edition emblems made and added them alongside the 944 emblem.    

Did Porsche ever make a 944 signature edition, I don't think so. What I do know is that my car is signed by Peter Schutz, and that’s a Signature 944. 

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my wife Rita posing with our 944
the coolant expansion tank with Peter Schutz's signature...
along with the fuse box cover.


Joe Sharp
06/02/2015 03:16

That is one cool 944. Thanks for showing it to us!

06/05/2015 10:18

Great write up Rick! Your Porsche is as awesome as ever! Great job!


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