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the G-Force producing, smile inducing Cayman S...
Man, I was Boxster’ed out. Owned three of them. One Boxster and two Boxster S’s. Then when you throw in the 987 Cayman S that really adds up to four. Man…I am Boxster’ed out. I felt like I was in a funk. It seemed to me to be the same old, same old. How is that possible, I mean these are Porsches after all. 
Let’s take a moment and let this sink in. Big sigh as I recall my much beloved Cayman S. It had been mod’ed to become a G-Force producing, smile inducing track machine. I poured a lot of sweat, busted knuckles and a whole lotta hard earned scratch to get to the car to the level it eventually became. Beside an ungodly amount of IMS saving, anti oil-starvation mods, it even had a hidden trailer hitch to pull my track tire / wheel set up. You know, when I think back, I realize I drove that car damn hard. It screamed through the corners, tires sliding at the proper slip angle. It’s funny, there is this sound, almost a juddering squeal that means the tires are on the edge of adhesion. I love that sound! Hate what comes next when that sound becomes just a bit more urgent. Yeah. Spin city and a trip to black flag. 

"I felt like my Porsche mojo had sunk to a new level. A low that I did not even know I had. And I question myself – Am I still a Porsche guy?"

Anyway I sold the damn thing. There is a long story attached about the why. Something to do with getting kids outta college. I bought in knowing that someday, somehow I would get this big reward. Something stupid would occupy a large part of my automotive heart and garage. So Cayman S gone, next up was this crazy 944 Turbo (951) race car. It was barely street legal; as in it would pass inspection, but not by much. Being a 1986, it avoided having to have the emissions inspection, but the rest of the car was suspect (Something to do with it being a race car!). If I had inspected it, I would have failed it. But I know a guy…
the 951...
The problem with the 944 Turbo was that it five-hundred dollar’ed me to death. Every time I turned around, or took it on the track (which is pretty much the same thing) something on it broke and it cost me…wait for it…five hundred geetis. In the end, it got pretty old, pretty fast. So big shocker here. I sold it and bought a Boxster S. I dunno, it’s sorta like going back to the same old restaurant that is OK, but you know the menu pretty well and the bartender is pretty hot. There is a level of comfort here, like those nasty Piloti shoes you know you should throw away, but don’t. In the end you keep going back to the well – so to speak.

So the 2001 Red Boxster S was like that old pair of well worn shoes or the restaurant with the crappy food but the smoking hot bartender! Had I really sunk that low? I felt like my Porsche mojo had sunk to a new level. A low that I did not even know I had. And I question myself – Am I still a Porsche guy? I mean these are real soul searching questions. OK, maybe not for 99.98% of the population that does not live, eat, drink and sleep Porsches. But for me, these are questions I wrestle with.
and my '76 Turbo Carrera.
So let’s add up the score. One Boxster gone. Still have ownership in a Cayenne (I co-signed the loan for my college age son), so I still sorta have a half a Porsche. And it will remain in my name (along with his) until he graduates from college (which my wife and I pray daily will be next spring). So I guess the eternal question remains. Am I still a Porsche guy?

So where am I going with this rant? I dunno because I just bought a 2006 Mini Cooper GP. Number 1393 out of 2000 and one of less than 400 in the US. I needed a change of pace and the Mini GP pretty much fits the bill, plus it is very rare and collectable. In the end, dear reader, I will let you decide if I am still a Porsche guy. Can I still count myself as a card carrying Porsche fanatic that gets weak in the knees when I see a 968 or 964 or any Turbo? I will let you decide…

And on that exhaust note, see you all next time.

Robert Turner is the author of The Driver, a series of six novels your editor in chief finds intoxicatingly engaging and superbly written; Book I— Decision and Book II— Training are currently available hereHe also has a blog entitled My Life with Porsches. Robert can be contacted at

Am I still a Porsche guy?


06/24/2015 14:14

Hell YEAH, you're still a Porsche guy. Great read, I forsee another P-car in your future very shortly. You'll find something that you just can't pass up....


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