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Kismet. It’s funny when you think about the series of events that occurred for a significant moment in your life to transpire; in my case, it was a visit to the scrapyard to borrow a car trailer from the proprietor in March of 2012.

There he was. On our way to the car trailer we were to borrow, we had to pass a small patch of forest with this little car nested inside it. Well, we were in a scrapyard after all, so seeing just another car in its final resting place wasn’t out of the ordinary. But something was different about this car; it had this magnetic pull on me. It was more than just a car in some forgotten patch of forest, it felt as though THAT was my car.

So I secretly snuck into the forest, creeping up to it as if trying not to disturb his sleep—I so desperately wanted to look at him closer. I had always wanted a project car for quite some time; I wanted to learn how to go about doing something as complex as this—I wanted to teach myself.
It was love, from the very first second I saw him. Even though I had no idea what kind of car it was, it didn’t matter because I knew that this car and I would have a future together. I’ve never seen something like him before. There were no logos or numbers anywhere on the car to describe him or give me a clue about who he was. None of that mattered though, I still wanted him.

"...if he’s been sitting there in those weeds for five years, I can guarantee you that another five years will go by..." 

I need to go search for the scrapyard owner. There was this huge grin on my face giving the excitement away; the friend I was with knew what this giddiness was all about. So he asks “what have you found, now?” I grabbed him and took him back to that small patch of forest.

When I showed him what was there, hunkered down in the weeds, he looked and said,

“Hey! That’s really cool! It’s an old Porsche…a 924 or something like that.”

And I was like,

“A WHAT?!? A Porsche?!?”

A Porsche was something I never wanted to have; I had this image in my head of some arrogant 911 driver sitting in his car with a pipe dangling from his mouth wearing slippers or something. I was to be proven dead wrong against such a stereotype.

Oh well, never mind all that. OK, so it’s a Porsche—wait a minute; a Porsche? This was going to be an expensive endeavor! And just like that, this dream of rescuing him as a project car was over. But I wasn’t going to give up that easily. It turns out that the car was sitting there for five years, so asked the owner of the place if he was interested in selling him. The answer was no. He was looking to restore it himself. My argument to him was well, if he’s been sitting there in those weeds for five years, I can guarantee you that another five years will go by with him still sitting there; nothing’ll happen. He smiled and said,

“Okay, you’re right…€1.200.”

“YES! I’ll take him.” I hadn’t even looked the car over…how’s that for blind love.

After the deal was done, my friend and I decided to have a closer look. When we opened the hood, we saw that this wasn’t just an ordinary 924, but an S! Great!

I was so proud. When I finally brought him home, I cleaned him…then I cleaned him some more and after that, I cleaned him again! No rust anywhere. The engine fired right up without any protest; nothing broken which was brilliant except there’d be nothing for me to learn how to fix! He only had 43.000km on the clock…original miles! Inside, he looked as if barely used; everything was clean and looked great. He only need new tires and a service…he passed the TÜV inspection without any defects.

I love my little “boy!”

Can you imagine that?

My dream car…from the scrapyard.



07/18/2015 18:23

I understand your fall in love for this car! I bought a "normal" 924, no S, roughly 15 years ago on EBay for little money. This car is a honest car and I really like to have it. See you. 😉

Joe Howell
07/18/2015 23:19

Well done young lady :)

07/21/2015 18:50

Nice grab on that 924S, these are such underrated cars. Your passion is great to see. I think I am in love too - with both you and your car!

Vin Ponzo
08/12/2015 14:39

I can understand your happiness. My first new Porsche was a 1969. In 1978 I bought my 924. It became my track car. Next I bought a 1987 911 and I still have it. In 2000 I bought my favorite of the three and it is a Euro 1979 931 [turbo]. I show the last two in concours weekly.
good luck with the find.

10/08/2015 06:31

Thank you very much @all :) yea i'm still in love with this car. I'll never sell him.
If you want to see more of us:

William harris
11/13/2015 20:37

i'm on my 5th 924 its a 1982, my first was a 77, then a 81, then a 78 then a 79 and now I got an 82.

William harris
11/13/2015 20:41

these are good cars, didn't have very good luck with my first 924 a 1977 but they got the bugs worked out in 1982. my 82 924 has over 200k miles its got dents but it runs and handles like a dream race car!


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