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It's like Jennifer Aniston, all perfect, but I just can't be bothered. Nice hair, beautiful eyes and she does have a relaxed friendly vibe from where I can judge. Even to the mundane and simple non-celeb that I am, she looks approachable unlike other stars. And she's probably good for an interesting intelligent conversation on a wide range of topics too. But I just can't be bothered. Why on earth is that? And would it be different if she would be standing right here in front of me having a beer together? She probably does like a beer instead of some ridiculously complicated cocktail...

Well, what am I mumbling about?
I'm trying to figure out how I can convey my feeling on the 968... It struck me again when I read Seth Ruden's excellent article on them, as published here on flüssig magazine recently. As Seth explained, the 968 was just developed too far on the 944 platform to call it a 944.

But I secretly wish they had. 

Why, you ask? It's like with the Cayman: most likely an awesome car compared to almost anything on the road today. But it's so closely positioned to the 911 that everybody prolongs the wait a bit more to save up a bit more cash and take the plunge at the deep end. 
The 968 is simply too close to the 928; and like the 911 set the bar for beetle configuration sports cars, the 928 set the bar for transaxle Gran Turismo's. Look at the 968: the eyes popping up, but only half way up. As if she's glancing right past you to that other guy. And her rear just looks round, but not as firm and slim as her older sister's. She's like the younger sister with too much make up trying to mimic the classic beauty from Lapine's design team.

"for the price of a nice 944 Turbo you can get a good 968. If that's what you want..."

The big block of four doesn't quite roar when you provoke her either. It's all very smooth with variocam and other complicated stuff, but I like simple things—and originality. 
So, ever since I soothed my craving for a 928 and started writing for flüssig, the shape of the 944 has been growing on me. Not the 968's. For many, it's like Seth said: for the price of a nice 944 Turbo you can get a good 968. If that's what you want... On paper and from a technical design point of view, it would probably still fit the Porsche line up today. So don't get me wrong or be offended in case you fell for Jennifer Aniston. 

But for me? 

For the price of a good 968 you can get that hilarious eighties turbo lag feeling of a crisp 944 shaped rocket. Maybe that's what should be up next... Before they get to darn expensive in the classic car market bubble...


Leo aka The Dutch shark



07/28/2015 02:35

I've had both - a 1985 928S (310hp RoW edition) and a 968 ClubSport. I'd take the 968 again in a heartbeat. The 928 I'd beat with a stick. Set up right, the 968 is pure joy.


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