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I was pulling out of the supermarket parking lot, inching my way across a small opening in a lane full of cars stopped for a light. as I poked my nose into the opposite lane, I was hypnotized.

this intense shade of green appeared. it took me surprise. it wiped my mind's worries clean off in one swipe replacing them with pleasant thoughts, the kind that involuntarily makes the corners of your mouth curl into a beaming smile. 

I got out of the 911 
went to the driver's side 
pulled the guy driving it out 
gave him a bear hug, ran 'round to the passenger side 
pulled his woman out 
and gave her a long tongue kiss.

goddamn what a color.
the driver in the lane I was now blocking gave a short toot of his horn to gently remind me I was in his way as the light turned green. I snapped out of my daydream as I made eye contact with the old white-haired man driving the Macan I never hugged, then his white-haired woman in the passenger seat I never French-kissed, then back at him as he gave me two thumbs up and smile. 

he knew all about it, this camaraderie.

he knew how such a thing as a color can amplify the happiness of seeing the Porsche that wore it. I only wished I could have snapped his picture...the moment slipped past like a cloud over the sun.

the good times are back, the colors Porsche chose tell me so. in the not-so-happy times when the 996 was born, I had lost hope. I thought the happy, cheery Porsche I have loved since birth had changed for the worst. I feared corporate stiffs made decisions they had no business making, muting the brand and pulling the covers over every song bird's cage in Stuttgart. things were serious now; a boardroom full of other stiffs demanded a sure buck in tough times. a sure buck only conservatism could guarantee.

I was saddened that they became like every other car company spitting out drab machines that would create a sea of visual lifelessness as they waited at dealers to be collected by people who've lost hope in the world, in themselves.

this Peridot Green Macan let me know that they were back, this company I love as if my own. they were back in the only game they ever knew how to play; putting smiles on faces.


image sources: http://www.wheelexperts.com


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