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It all started out with a night of whisky drinking. I had been playing with the idea of buying an old Porsche for a while but me and the missus couldn’t quite agree on which model. The first car that made an impression in my life was a Porsche 928. This happened in the late 70’s and I never forgot about it. However the missus deemed it a bit thirsty *. The vast approaching bottom of the whisky bottle proved that my buddy and I had the same problem. Luckily at the end of the night she approved with the 928. 

*(In Belgium a gallon euro 95 comes at  a cost of 8,27$)
I started to search the market with the intend to see what was available so I would be prepared to buy after a year or 2, looking out for early 5 speed models. After about a month of picture and ad hunting the net and a couple of drives (the first test drive in a 928 made the desire stronger :-) I found an early 5 speed car #9288100533 painted RS Blue. It was stationed at a car dealer in Holland. 

June 26, 2011 would make a change in my motoring life. That day me and the missus were paying a visit to the car dealer. The shark stands out amongst the other cars, mainly because of it’s colour. There’s no maintenance record, only the original certificate of registration, dated 11/11/1977. It also has the pasha interior and it comes with a three month warranty. It even featured on the cover and as the main story of “het automobiel” magazine.

While I tried to maintain a certain cool about i all, the once critical woman left me little choice. If I bought the car I would still have a place to sleep that night if not... :-)
All things added up to buying the car, against all classic car buying rules, but then again as a musician “Ratio” is not my cup of tea.

The car dealer, who seemed to have a pretty good rep on the Dutch Porscheforum,  promised to prep the car for take away in a couple of weeks (changing of the timing belt etc.) so we left Holland in good spirits. 
Sleepless nights turned into sleepless weeks and it took almost 2 months and a couple of phone calls before we could pick the car up and start export/import procedures.  Yes I live in Europe where transport of people and goods should be free but this unified Europe seems to be one of sharing the costs but not the benefits. (the ride home was a 100 smooth smiles with 2 smiling faces though)
Exporting the car in Holland was a 5 minute job and Importing it into Belgium wasn’t a big fuss either although it took customs 6 day’s to put a stamp on an import paper. I didn’t deliver the paper with some under the table euro’s, so they were busy. Another official was busy too, be it with another type of paper though. I got fined during the 2 minutes the car was parked on the street while not being road legal. 

Making it road legal is another thing.

First of all the car needs a COC. This means the car has to be inspected by the importer and he will hand you the paper if the car still has the same specs as the day it left the factory. To achieve this I had already set the car back on it’s original phone dials. I prefer these above the gullideckels it came with anyway.



editor's note: I met Igor by an email he had sent regarding my August editorial. turns out that he has TONS of stories on his blog page about his experiences as a 928 owner with tales that are precisely what flüssig is all about; trips, repairs, thoughts, experiences, and celebrating the 928. we're only too excited to share his stories...this is where it all starts.


Karlijn Dalhuijsen
09/23/2015 13:01

still love the car, the guys an the wiskey! It's a great journey we are happy to be part from :-)


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