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The view on I-81 South
I've been talking about going to Nashville for a while. No big reason except that I love guitar music of any kind. So now that I have a very reliable 944 , ( built by the guru himself, Jason Gonzalez), I went.

I split the drive into four legs so I wouldn’t have to drive 14-15 hours straight; I’m way too old for that. I had driven straight through to Ft. Lauderdale, alternating the driving duties with Mark, my dear friend , in a 914, back in 1976, when I was 23 years old. I’m just a tad older now and happily retired. The first leg was from home in Easton, Maryland, on the Eastern Shore. First stop was Radford, Virginia, a small town where I had booked a room, about a 6-7 hour drive.
The drive started by going around the D.C. beltway, someplace I never want to take my 944. Once I got out of the suburbs on I-66W, everything changed. Traffic was steady but light and I was running at a constant 70 mph speed limit. It's always good to have a little company on the open road, this time I found a Nissan 370Z to pace with and we both kept the cadence at around 85mph most of the way. After he turned off, I was mostly alone on the interstate, passing trucks all the way. 

Then came I-81 S, and what a nice drive it was especially when a was on a long straightaway with not a car as far as I could see...I got her up to 100mph .She wanted to go faster, but I didn’t want to push it; being a speeding red Porsche is every cop’s dream ticket.

I drove on to Nashville the next day. My Garmin GPS did not recognize my Hotel’s address so after getting almost downtown, I was directed to take I-24 West. Soon I was seeing that this was the wrong way, as the Nashville skyline was in my rear view mirror. I went old school and turned around, deciding to get back downtown and just ASK SOMEBODY! A nice Hotel manager gave me a map of Nashville and I eventually found the Hotel.

Drove out to the Hermitage, (Andrew Jackson’s home), the next day. I got to test the brakes when I didn’t see a red light, again following the GPS, and not concentrating on the road. Man those discs brought me to a QUICK stop, with no fade. I stalled, fired it back up, and wondered what the other drivers were thinking — damn Yankee probably!
A view from the back porch veranda of the Hermitage.
Saturday, I walked down to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum which wasn’t far; about 0.7 of a mile. Then I went on a tour of RCA Studio B, a landmark. We all got to be in the studio where Elvis recorded over 200 songs, and stood on the spot where numerous famous country stars got their start.

Saturday night I went to the Ryman Auditorium to see one of my favorite performers, John Hiatt, in the town he calls home. He always puts on a great show, and he was joined by his opening act, Taj Mahal, for the finale, none other than “Good Old Rocky Top” which went over big, since we were in Tennessee.
I had a lot of people ask me about my 944. On the way home, a guy looking like a true redneck in his big F-250 truck wanted to hear all about the car. It’s like asking a grandparent to talk about his grandchild! I told him all about the various 944 models, and mine in particular. He was truly happy to hear about it and even said he might look for one for himself.

Now I and the “Red Rocker” are home, safe and sound. Here is how she looked before I left. Now I just to have to clean her up again. 

Where should I go next year?


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