e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

"look at this goddamned PLACE — Jesus Christ."

the weeds engulfed it. a boarded up window, a few stickers on the front door glass, imminent doom waited behind the gate. squatters, thieves, junkies, crack heads, and those looking to make a dime on someone's misfortune were putting their noses in the air catching the scent of rotting dreams. 

is this what I wanted?

one more thing to occupy a mind busy with leaving it all behind, one more thing to care about, one more thing to curse for robbing my freedom?  

I nosed the '68 up the drive and shut it off straining to hear the silence as it rolled to a stop. the attraction was magnetic.
the image of what could be stopped me from backing out into the street. solitude was waiting for me in the yard, 122 years called me inside promising to be all I ever needed.

like sitting inside a vintage Porsche as it took you through a deserted highway at 3am, a deeper connection develops. I felt this as I approached the living room window and rested my hand on the cold stucco wall while looking in.

the beamed ceilings and pegged wood floors framed the pristine white walls and stone fireplace left untouched for nearly three years. the time and labor I'd put in here wouldn't be wasted, glancing to my left at the 968 reminded me.
what it was just three years ago
what it has become today
desire and impulse are a co-dependent couple encouraging one more hit, one more drink, one last time. the feeling of conquering the impossible turns on you when it becomes yours to own. the complete front end reseal on the 944 stops when the motherfucking lower balance shaft sprocket bolt won't budge. contorted under the kitchen sink replacing the hot water pipe leaves you defeated because the space is too tight to get the soldering torch in. 

one more trip to the Depot, one more week before the bolt arrives, one more reason to stop and walk away from it all.



Joe Sharp
09/17/2015 08:22

Okay, I need some answers here. First of all, who wrote this fiery article? Was the house pictured bought and restored, or left to rot?
All that I'm sure of is that I just LOVE the 968 cabriolet. It is my intent to own one someday, but in Guards Red of course!

e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶
09/17/2015 08:29

working on getting that house Joe...it'll be a vault of fuck-ups, nightmares, and why-fors just like that 968.


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