e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

the stars knew
they knew exactly where to be to
flatter her.
there was enough light in the pitch black
to see the curves flowing around her
hips and shoulders.
everything else was out of focus.
time stopped for a few seconds at time
I was going through it too fast
glancing instead staring
thinking steps ahead instead of being in the present time
familiarity made me a neglectful sonofabitch

I slid the key in
the twist was slow and fluid
not a sound as the door unlocked.
I slipped in
the door closed with a thwuck

her embrace was firm
my thighs, hips, back, and shoulders
every bit of me fit perfectly into every bit of her, she absorbed me.
how had I overlooked this experience so many times before? 

things are different when it's dark
I caught the details because everything else
around them were shadows,
but things weren't different in the dark
it's a poor excuse, 
I was different.

a quick flash of red
the twitching needles 
she began to purr

she can't be rushed
the build up has to be slow and steady
she'd give me
letting me know she was 
self control is hard

I had forgotten her supple clutch so fluid and effortless.
I had forgotten her firm steering and how she told me of things
I couldn't see but needed to feel.
I had forgotten a throttle that felt like sinking a foot into water.

I didn't forget the long strokes of her shift lever
how she liked a slow hand
feeling each gear as it 
gently sucked the knob away from my fingertips
when she decided the timing was right.

I didn't forget her long legs
and how effortless she ran
never short of breath
feeling like we never touched the road,
we hovered over it
like two magnets with similar poles trying to kiss.

I didn't forget how 
well poised
and flattering she is.

I didn't forget,
I just wasn't paying attention.



Joe Sharp
09/22/2015 08:55

Wow, I think I need to take a cold shower!


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