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I'm designing a lounge inspired by the most early Porsche cars for myself.

There are so many elements to these cars.. but I'm resisting taking them literally. I'm trying to create a lounge Professor Porsche would approve of. It's to be 1930s simple but Porsche too. It's a real challenge. I need critical opinions.

I'm going with the simplest type of chair I can think of in both shape and manufacture.

The early Porsche simplicity always appealed to me. It especially does these days.

This is a simple frame prototype and crappy sling in made to test future seat positions and use to sit down in my garage / shop. [I'm not much of an upholsterer]

I'm inspired by the tall narrow greenhouse of the Type 64 and how it was basically VW parts bin made fast by streamlining. Doing a lot with little is something I appreciate and can relate to in business and life.

Again the frame is a prototype, I like the big wheel sides radii, simple 1" tubing construction and simple attachment of the upholstery by rod/interference. 

The pillow will be more an early 911 headrest shape cylinder and wider, the seat may end up molded in fiberglass and nicely padded with open breather rivets but I'm not sure. It will definitely be wider with more side support. Frame will be satin finish stainless steel as is the prototype in the picture. It's actually comfortable but ugly.

Anyway, here it is so far. The frame revision drawings below make it lower and wider but adhered to the "golden ratio" The revised frame already looks better to me. The prototype does not employ the golden ratio but does have swing axles..
"that's not like you; you rarely give such high compliments."

"ah, bullshit!" I told my woman. "yeh I do; for shit that really moves me, baby!"

she's right. knowing me better than even myself; it's been a while since I was ignited by someone's work and here was my friend Matt Mariani injecting a speedball into my vein. 

I needed this fix.
Porsche Typ 64 Mario - wikipedia
Porsche Typ 64 Mario - wikipedia
Porsche Typ 64 Mario - wikipedia
half a lifetime ago, art and design had replaced my passion for this marque. like a mistress, I spent time eating the language and words artists had put down. I wanted my own language, my own movement. when none of this happened, I had utter disgust for the arts. I mocked it, yawned at it, ridiculed the shit being produced by egotistical misfits and those trying to understand the message behind the art.

Louvre? Pompidou? the only thing capturing my interest then was whether the bird standing next to me staring at the red dot on the wall was shaved or had a luxurious mound of fur on her cunt. publicized art was and continues to be meaningless to me. I prefer discovering the unknown because it's fresh and unspoilt by hype and promotion from the so called intellectuals; coffee tastes better unsweetened.

I get Matt. I understand his passion with a brand that nourished its own philosophy of simplicity, design, and engineering. his Typ 64 lounge captures those philosophies that not only have roots in the Bauhaus movement, it also hugs that of Arts and Crafts. his interpretation propels these two movements into the 21st century extracting and celebrating Porsche's DNA.

he does it without being grossly obvious. the thing is timeless, speaks a language you, me, and any Porsche enthusiast enslaved by their rich history understands, and executes it in the spirit of Porsche's humble start. that's art; the kind that's not motivated by money or pressurized by demand. 

you see, it's beyond the cars, beyond the people, beyond the silliness of empty advertising, it's something much deeper within — passion.

and that's something you can't teach or learn.



Matthew Mariani
09/23/2015 22:56

Thanks again Pablo for the encouragement to move this along.

There's lots to play with here.

I hope you'll write a follow up when the next test mule is complete. It interesting to see how these things slowly evolve just like an automobile.The stainless seating position prototype above, is a gift to you for being such an outstanding person. It also surprisingly comfortable..-Matt


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