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"not on your life!" 

"I've no choice, it was a mandatory requirement."

"fuck you, leave them on...I LIKE them!"

we tend, or prefer, to forget that Porsches have split personalities; exquisitely sophisticated women who can go from dancing a tango to pulling eight plugs out of an M28.01 engine. most can only see them as ceremonial playthings preferring to pamper rather than unleash the restless tomboy she occasionally wants to be. but what good is a woman who doesn't like to get down and dirty with her man?
alright, I'll hand it to you, they don't flatter the '28's curves...but I don't think anything hanging or molded to her fender lips would. it's not the type of design that lends itself to such "attachments" but that hardly matters to an owner who finds them necessary. 

according to Porsche's parts catalog, they were available for 1978-1986 928s. they weren't necessarily offered for '87s and up because they went to the integrated bumper design; the lower half of the fender sheet metal aft of the rear wheel was cut off to accommodate the lower "cladding" part of the bumper for a more integrated look. not as robust a location for pinning this mudflap design. but that's not to say that the mud flaps can't be installed, they can but the attachment point will be polyurethane rather than metal. below is a shot by Rennlister Erkka Vilhuer of an S4 with the flaps attached.
© Erkka Vilhuer
© Errka Vilhuer
look closely over to the far right under the side marker of Mr Merlin's (Stan's) S4, see how the metal is cut off to meet the lower cladding of the rear bumper cover? © Stan (MrMerlin)
a more integrated look would've had to been used for 1987-1995 928s like this one...but that's for another topic. © Garth S.
not much better on the earlier body style, is it? notice how the lower part of the quarter panel aft of the rear wheel is intact and part of the body design as opposed to the 1987 and later variants. © Porken
the parts catalog for 1987-1991 models does show the mudflap, they just don't list the part numbers for it or the necessary gear to install them. there's a part number for the "mud flap set" which includes both left and right flaps and hardware to install them; 928 559 901 02. Porsche also breaks them down individually, and that's how I found the set pictured from the Porsche Classic Shop website. they're broken down like this:

  • 928 559 383 02 - Schmutzfänger links für Porsche 928 (€48,64)
  • 928 559 384 02 - Schmutzfänger rechts für Porsche 928(€48,64)
Porsche Classic Shop doesn't list the necessary hardware, but the PET does:

  • 928 559 385 02 - desk pad - qty: 2
  • N 010 264 4 - hexagonal bolt M5 x 20 - qty: 2
  • 900 910 008 02 - lock nut M5 - qty: 3
  • 928 559 386 02 - bracket - qty: 1 (mistake? quantity should be 2?)
  • 928 559 389 02 - clamp - qty: 5
it seems that Sweden, Finland, and Norway had at one point regulations that made rear mudguards a mandatory accessory. cars like the 928 with a pretty large and irregular wheel well design are more likely to spit whatever the tires pick up all over the place heading for the poor slob's driving or riding behind them. whether this regulation is still in effect remains to be dug up in my research. what I was able to confirm was that 928s with option code M062 Schweden-Ausführung (Version for Sweden) (Schmutzfänger hinten (rear mud guard)) had them as part of this package...and no, they're not Swedish Mudflaps — that involves hanging parts of the male anatomy and a sloppy participant with a mouthful of snus which isn't even remotely close to the subject at hand.

what I couldn't find was such an option for Norway (M066 Version for Norway) and Finland (M067 Version for Finland) where Schmutzfänger hinten was affixed to it. I also couldn't verify such a stipulation under each's country code (C13 Finland and C21 Norway)...but I'm still looking.
look, mudflaps whether Kentucky, Mississippi, or German style are an acquired taste much like wearing black socks with Birkys. the point is that Porsche saw to it that the needs of the sporting gentleman who owned their cars were met if their use ventured beyond what most wouldn't dare think let alone attempt. 

had they offered the chrome mud flap honey to tart up such an austere accessory, their appeal might've been enhanced. hell, if the chaps at RGruppe can flaunt such a campy signature of the working class, why couldn't we?


928 mudflaps pictured above can be found and purschased here: http://www.classicshop.porsche.com
Curt Egerer @ http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/516467-r-gruppe-secret.html


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