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terrifying...so terrifying in fact that were it not for the taut muscles surrounding my o-ring, I'd've certainly expelled what little contents my bowels retained. these chaps, SHK-Fahrzeugtechnik, have built a 944 Turbo that embarrasses each and every Grand Dame flat six it sees on the track. the only thing stopping this car is a fucking meteor. WHAT a car... 
the images below are of the beast itself. Alexander Holzapfel, who posted the videos, is SHK Fahrzeugtechnik's "mechanic" and gives some stats about this 944 Turbo GTR on his YouTube page; I've copied them below.

"Turbo is an modified K27/9 with 23 PSI Boost, we have no Overboost, we still run 23 PSI and the Turbo hold it up to 7400 rpm !!! Fuel is Standard 98 ROZ, The ECU is an modified 968 with an Extern Manifold Air pressure unit. but we can also use now an Stock ECU with an 997 Turbo Pressure Unit !! we will do this with my Engine, in my Street Car. Same Engine, same Turbo.

The Gearbox is an Manual 6-Speed, with 1st and 2nd Gear are Stock 968 Turbo RS and 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Gear are straight teeth with Top Speed in 6th Gear 265 KM/H @ 7400 rpm."  — Alexander Holzapfel

it seems that this car was put up for sale by MP Sportwagen in 2012; here's their description:

944 Turbo GTR, race-ready vehicle wagons pass and street legal! 2008 Start of classic cars in 2009 and 2010 Porsche Club Trophy Historic Challenge with numerous class and overall victories in 2011 Special Touring Car Trophy (STT) 

Engine: Displacement: 2.5 liters Power: 460 hp at 6770 /. Torque: 500 Nm at 4760 /. Boost pressure: 1.6 bar max. Speed: 7250 /. Increased compression ratio (8.0 to 1 from 8.6 to 1!), Modified camshafts, closed deck (cylinder are no longer free), Carillo connecting rod, map matching, electronic sequential fuel injection and sequential adaptive knock control, intake manifold air flow detection via ! ! K 27 Turbocharger,100-Zeller Sportkat, 4 "exhaust, crankshaft plasma nitrided and fine balanced Revised intake manifold, verstarkter block 

Transmission: 968 Turbo RS 6-speed manual transmission special translation - 60% limited slip differential 

Suspension: H & R shocks with H & R coil springs shock effect on the VA in 6 steps adjustable steering knuckles stored Unibal tires: VA 27/65 - 18 to 10.5 x 18 BBS rear 30/65 - 18 to 11.5 x 18 BBS forged with central locking 3-set BBS wheels / tires: Sport / rain / slick brakes: Bosch 4-channel 4-cycle racing ABS-5, hydraulic disc brake booster - Front: 350mm Rear: 320mm body: easy, rewelded, and with a safety cell versehen.Leergewicht 1,150 kg The vehicle is equipped with a PI data recording system equipped. further details on request!

as for it being "banned," here's what one enthusiast on Rennlist named Konstantin had to say:

"I saw this car 4 years ago at Spa arce track in belgium. It has (a) 968 ECU and it is really modified. I also have 2 articles from German magazines about this. The car so fast that it was banned from German club racing unless it raced with smaller tires and no slicks!! Owner was not happy and changed the race series. It has air jacks center locks etc. Unfortunately the builder Harry Weishaupt a well known guy 15 years ago in the 964 scene in Germany died 2 years ago. The car is for sale now."

the video below excited the HELL out of me. it's a clip of Alexander Holzapfel's 944 Turbo nailing 295kmh (183mph) on what he calls a little street. as you watch the tach approach four grand at a quick pace and then zip to redline after that in a blink of an eye, you'll realize just how rabid this beast is.

the images of the car are from SHK Fahrzeugtechnik's website. I'm digging for more information on this little number including the articles written about it in a couple of German magazines so consider this a shopping list jotted down on a post it note...I'm too high on adrenaline to even put this thing together with my usual flavors.


image sources: http://www.shk-fahrzeugtechnik.de


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That first video, amazing! Watch the ashtray for twice the fun


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