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#flüssig4facts begins with the 1976 Porsche 924.

each of the four shots will have one detail about the '76 924.

1/4 - 924 production begins in February of 1976 with a total of 5,145 units made before summer holidays (mid June - late July) that year.
2/4 - VINs (Vehicle ldentification Number) are 10 digits. Model Year 1976 cars are broken down like this:

924 (model)

6 (1976 model year)

1 (92kW/125hp Europe/ROW),
2 (74kW/100hp / 85kW/115hp US/California/Canada)
3 (74kW/100hp / 85kW/115hp Japan)

00051>05149 (consecutive serial number for MY 1976)
3/4 - the 924 lands on US shores on July 1976, same as our biennial celebrating 200 years of independence. 4,544 units are sold by Christmas 1976. 
4/4 - model year 1976 engine is the legendary typ EA831 displacing 2 liters (1,984cc) producing 92kW/125hp (Europe/ROW). Code lettered XK Typ 47/8

Only a 4-speed manual gearbox is offered for MY 1976. Code lettered YR Typ 88/6


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05/05/2016 04:21

Just a week ago I found one of the early ones, number 1743.
It was delivered as the 47th 924 in The Netherlands in 1976 (in 1976 Porsche delivered 87 924's in The Netherlands).
Although it's in driving condition a lot still needs to be done to it. So this is a project for the comings months. For this summer I have planned a roadtrip with it to The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart to visit the theme exposition "The Transaxle Era".
So "taking the baby home to its roots" after 40 years...


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