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editor's note: our friendship, like most others involving Porsches, was a blowing ember in the wind inginiting a field of dry grass. I met Antonio through my friend Chas Roscow who had asked if I could help his friend, Antonio, out with a 3,2 Targa he was hot for. a phone call and a year later, I find him again on Instagram hosting a page about race inspired longhood 911s called r-elfer (formerly r-gruppe). we picked up where we left off and discovered that we've both the same passions, ambitions, and stories that got us involved with the creation of Porsche Love endeavors. now, not a day goes by that we don't hit the typer and chat through messenger.
like me, Antonio has the hots for air-cooled 911s, but he's also chasing some 944 Turbo skirt too—this is part of the reason why he's kicking off our newest twist called flüssig 4 questions. the other reason has to do with inspiration, and no doubt that his answers to our four questions may do just that. this Porsche thang we love? well, you never know where it'll end up taking you and best of all, you'll never know who you'll meet to help you get there.

enjoy the first of the flüssig 4 questions series.

e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶
1.      The cult of r-elfer has gone bubonic…what was the inspiration behind its creation? Are you amazed at the five-figure following it’s created? And why have you chosen Instagram as the base camp?

Honestly I am amazed at the growth. 

I woke up one day and decided to display older race inspired 911's.  A big inspiration was my recently acquired '71 outlaw 911 #Ādēśa which it alone deserves a book on it's own, shit ! another idea ... This car eventually became an R Gruppe car and I wanted to showcase these modified rats owned by a weird subculture, people so unique as were their cars.   I don't know why, but I knew in my being it was important, just like the guy in Close Encounters  that starts building that mud mountain in his garage he's in a trance piling on the paste...  I was making connections and getting pictures from all over the world, It has been hard work building it, but I love it, nothing like getting a picture from France of a beautiful RSR on Magny Cours owned by a publicity shy billionaire, or making friends with someone from Belgium that has similar interests, someone you might have never met. 

I think Instagram chose me, being a skeptic of all social media until recently I think IG (Instagram) has the uniqueness of quickness.  It's viral and powerful, you see peoples' personalities in 2 seconds by looking at their galleries, it is a medium that talks to the soul immediately, people are gathered like blobs of mercury merging in a petri dish, the smaller lumps join the bigger ones and the whole lot are scrolling with that thumb faster than a teenager finds a centerfold (now a days it's how fast they link to youporn.com) , stopping only to double tap on what spoke to their hearts, it's fascinating really. It is in my view, a time of small packages of instant gratification, a time where reading is a thing of the past for most people and Instagram provides a quick sharp way to access the stuff our hearts really desire in a fraction of a second.
2.     Lots of flüssigers have a thang for the elfer, but I heard ya say you sport a little wood for the 944 Turbo…tell us about how the 951 caught your eye? Did you ever drive one? Is there another member of the flüssig fab 4 you have an interest in?

When I was about 13 one of my Dad's very best friends had a Guards Red 944 Turbo, it was mostly driven by his wife, a french woman whom I had a crush on, I still remember the feel and smell of the car (and the woman)  I can still see in my head the black parts of the fenders and spoiler against the shiny red, it was stunning. At the time the 911's looked good but this was a thing of the future, I fell in love, both the car and the french lady. I still remember the garage and how i'd sneak out from the dinner table to go see it. One day the french lady, a less than bad driver tangled the 944 on the freeway, poor thing was destroyed, luckily she was ok. It devastated me to see the car totaled, I still stop to see them and look inside whenever i see one. 
3.     Your collection is drool dropping, but I see some room for that huffin’-puffin’ 4-piston ‘fo’fo…well, what are ya waiting for? Is it a faraway dream or are ya holding out for the right one?

Well, I think I have always wanted that guards red 944 Turbo and value wise it's about time they get the appreciation they deserve, maybe whenever I drive one, -  I am a virgin regarding the 928 , 944, 968 generation-  so judging from your descriptions of a crescendo of emotions comparable to a wild orgasm that is obtained little by little, I am sure I'll be a convert the minute I feel that...
4.     I’m moony over your artwork with the elfer as the muse and you’ve created a new form of playful expressionism…how did this hidden gift surface? When do create them, weekends, nights, when inspiration bolts you outta bed in the middle of the night? Oh, and if we ask pretty please with whipped cream and cherries on top, will you make us a 944 Turbo portrait in your favorite color?

Man it was a wild discovery, I always liked drawing on computers back in the era of the commodore 64 and early Macs but it was never focused and entangled with passion like now, back then I wanted to be an architect or an industrial designer but someone convinced me to be an engineer so I went into it and it was boring number crunching but I graduated. 

Fast forward to this year, I wanted a logo for r-elfer and I had the idea in my head of a cartoonish outline 911, I hired a couple of pros and what I got back was not good, either too perfect or done too fast, I said, "Fuck you Jobu, I do it myself" so I drew the r-elfer logo in 5 minutes from a picture of #Ādēśa my '71 911, I was amazed,  "Oh shit !! this is my Mickey Mouse " !!! I thought ...when you do something right, it stands the test of time and educated eyes, this one was done right, it inspired more drawings and the desire to learn to draw better. I draw them any time I have free, weekdays , weekends, it doesn't matter, It is like going into the capsule in the movie Contact  "I'm ok to go... I'm ok to go"  so only when you do let go, the hand and eye create something meaningful, only when the chair unbolts from the floor and the passenger floats like a fetus in the womb do these things work on paper or on the computer. 

I am still learning but I'll tell you something, when I do get into that zone nothing else matters, I can draw for hours not caring about anything in the world, and that's worth doing if it leaves something behind, It gives me enormous pleasure to do it, the fact that people like it is bliss. Of course I will draw a 944 Turbo, are you kidding me? 

Papa Elfer


image credits: first and fifth shot from the top by Big Chris Photography

r-elfer art



Chas Roscow
01/12/2016 08:08

Excellence! The author's admirable writing skills coupled with fantastic photos was the perfect start to my day. The point about being friends with someone far away resonated with me. I met Pablo for the first time when my 911 broke down in NYC. I first met Antonio (virtually) by emailing him and calling him bad names. He got the best of me by clicking eBay's "buy it now" button for a 911 that I was determined to win. Our shared passion for Porsche creates a strong friendship even though we live so far away from each other.

I love my Porsche friends. I care about their happiness as much as I care about my little Porsche collection. I love the new flüssig 4 questions series. I will be browsing r-elfer.com on my lunch break today.


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