Noah Walt

Such a trashy li'l thing. 

Nothing you like more than to be flung... or to be in a fling. Isn't that the truth?

You do it so well you make the others dizzy. Confused. Crazy. Mad.
Heck, when you came out you were just a fresh new concept. The world didn't know what to expect. 

It's true they cut corners to keep your price low. Yes many of your bits & pieces are VDUB... that's a fact cousin. But there's nothing wrong with that, in fact it is what gives the 924 a strength of simplicity that isn't seen on some of Porsches later variations of this car. 

The 924 does so many things RIGHT. Manual sunroof & doors & seat sliders... keeping the gimmicks off. That appeals to me anyway. (ok, I will admit to wanting a pass side power window regulator).
Oh you handle so nicely indeed. I gotta take you into the hills. I plan on driving you almost everyday to test your dependability... and if you do as well as I hope you do then I'm buying you some sticky summer tires & you will be my autocross car this summer. You will teach me how to be a better driver through your "weaker" brakes. And "weaker" power. You will show me how a momentum car should be driven.

" were nearly a rolling garbage pit with a pretty face."

Perhaps it is your front & rear factory sways?

Could it be those little 14 inch alloys? 

New-ish Sach shocks & struts are definitely working beautifully.
I am now experiencing the reward of my sweat & pain. 

Gramps, Let me soak it up. I am very grateful. But I am also worthy. Gramps, I had faith in you from 300 kms away, before we even met. You let me down several times. I still had faith though, because I know it was your previous keepers ("owners") that were incapable of doing proper work. The list of ****ty details & huge oversights piled up until you were nearly a rolling garbage pit with a pretty face. 

I regretted buying you 30 minutes after I paid the man cash. When I left you on the side of the cold road in the pitch black I was so angry that I couldn't even rob you for parts. Instead I left you to be taken by anyone with a trailer. Why? Because I had no choice. 

I was a big loser who took a leap of faith on a 38 year old car and believed a man's lies. And failed to use proper judgement. This game of buying and selling cars is a crapshoot half the time... some times you do well and most the time you pay the money. 
So Gramps got the restoration mostly through obligation and optimism. At any point up until right now if someone offered me what I put into him (cash) I would have taken the money and never looked back... because there was no experience (mutual history shared together/ no battles won... no "good times").

But now the good times (I hope) have begun. 



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