words by pablo deferrari photos by andrey volkov

Andrey has been to Mecca, no, really he has. But I want you to consider one thing; let's pretend for a moment to bar all prejudices, if you have any. I don't care if you love 928s and despise 914s, or have a thang for 911s and could care less if the 924 even existed. The 911 turning 50 is an incredible testament to its design and Porsche's commitment to the evolution of its cars...and the museum is celebrating the fact. More importantly, it's because of our water-cooled models that the 911 could afford to continue on...
Your author has been converted from the air-cooled sect long ago. I'm ker-azy about our Fab-4, so much so, that I've learned to accept all of my years in adoration of the air-cooled madam have been lived with blinders on...literally. What we, as true Porschephiles, must understand is that every Porsche is very significant and if you were to take one out of the formula, the company couldn't possibly be what it is today.

Why am I telling you all if this? Simple. Not one of these images we're about to see have a single 924, 928, 944, or 968 in them, yet for the true Porsche die-hard, these images are a real treat. My prediction is that one day, Porsche will have an exhibition to celebrate a new direction, a new chapter in its existence, one which they've embarked on and never looked back...and that's water-cooling. A collection from the humble little 924 all the way up to the 918 and beyond waits in the wings to be exhibited as the "Future of Porsche."

"...what Andrey is sharing with us is something few have ever seen..."

This transformation couldn't have happened were it not for the 928 breathing a burst of fresh air into a company going the way of the Dodo bird. Had it not been for the 924 and 944, Porsche would've floundered. The 968 proved that evolution with a chassis nearly 20 years old could be carried into the future bearing the genetics of the past and a blueprint for future models. I could go on here, but really, that needs to be a separate story.

Luckily for us, Andrey Volkov has brought flüssig into Russia where a vibrant Porsche culture all its own is alive and well, growing exponentially. And what he's sharing with us is something few have ever seen, a tour of a museum housing the most significant cars in history. The collection of images is so massive that we have to divide it into smaller servings; this is the first of many.

So grab a tasty beverage and enjoy the tour...by the end of it, you'd swear you were there.

photo set 1

porsche 911 rsr #74
heimrath racing (canada)
march 1975 sebring 12 hours - dnf 68th
june 1975 mosport 100 miles, labatts blue 5000 weekend - finished 3rd
february 1976 daytona 24 hours, championship of makes - dnf 46th
august 1976 trans-am, mosport player's 200  - overall winner
spetember 1976 trans-am trois riviŠŠŠŠŠères, mayor's cup - dnf 25th
driven by ludwig heimrath

porsche 917 k #23
porsche konstructionen k.g. (austria)
june 1970 24 heures du mans - overall winner
driven by richard attwood and hans herrmann



Joe Howell
03/21/2014 22:28

Place is like heaven. Is that huge puddle of drool I left by the 904 in 2011 still there?


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