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"I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself."

Ferdinand Porsche took things into his own hands. It is this spirit that lives on in Porsche fans, not least in the flüssig crowd.

And a little inspiration goes a long way; literally, in this case. All the way to Turkey, when Koray Bozunoðððğullari could not find quite the tour he dreamed of—and created it himself.
A tour in a country most of us only have seen from the outside or from a resort with the occasional sightseeing trio in a minibus sounds intriguing. But what do we really know about this country linking Europe to the Middle East and Asia? What would happen if you got a chance to truly immerse yourself in the rich history and baffling scenery? And what if you could do it, not in a minibus, but in a Porsche? Sounds like a dream too good to become true? Well, it didn't for Koray, as he turned this idea into reality; now we all can live this dream.

Our own Pablo was intrigued by this unique tour and got in touch with Koray. To many of us, the contrast of driving a modern Porsche in a country much different from ours might raise an eyebrow or two before clicking the 'confirm booking' button. Pablo opens the conversation by sharing this thought with Koray.
pablo-I have a friend named Ergun from Turkey. I must say, he and his Turkish friends are so cordial, respectful, and light-hearted, they’d literally give you the shirts off their backs. Many Westerners, especially Americans, know very little about how beautiful and historic Turkey is and might generally feel a bit intimidated by visiting a country with different customs than their own. Have you had clientele who fit this description, take your tour, and then walk away with a different mentality about Turkey after the tour?

koray-For sure! Everybody gets back surprised and delighted by the hospitality of Turkish people. As soon as we set out on the tour, people recognize that the true image of Turkey is different to what has been mirrored. Turkey, especially Istanbul, Aegean coasts as well as the Mediterranean Coasts are crossed by beautiful scenic roads; people get a taste of modern as well as ancient Turkey. Everybody should understand that Turkey is safe, friendly and peaceful. Our clients get back surprised and delighted by the hospitality of Turkish people.
pablo-With so much rich history since the dawn of modern man, are most/some of your clients familiar with some of Turkey’s rich history?

koray-Some are but we make more being informed by visiting the historical sites,Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Ephesus and many more historical sites.

pablo-Is that why the company name is Stress Free Tours?

koray-Our motto of stress free driving is reflected in everything we do to ensure our clients can enjoy the tour all the way. This starts even before they even get here. We inform them about the programme, about what to expect, and with a limited number of six runs per year, we aim to provide a one to one service once the tour has started. It’s this smaller, more personal scale of the event that sets us apart, as does the country and its people.
pablo-So, you are the Leader of the “pack” so to speak. What other roles must you fill besides leading the tour?

koray-I become the leader when driving. The leader is responsible for the pace, adjusting the time schedule and safety and security. That includes spotting the odd speed trap as well... Stress Free Tours, remember?

And when we arrive at our hotel, I become the host to offer the highest level of comfort. While the clients rest and enjoy their evening, we check the cars and fluids and we make sure that they get spotless for the next day.

pablo-Porsches…we all have a story of how we began our passions with them. Tell us yours and why you chose them for your fleet?

koray-My first Porsche experience was a 944 when I was 8 years old when my cousin came to visit from Germany and my dream journey began right then and there...

pablo-Aha! It's those mad flüssig cars again that started this! But please share with us what's in the stable for your clients. You have the Carrera 4 and Boxster at the moment. Do you plan on adding other Porsches to your fleet, like say, a Cayenne or the new Macan and that may possibly at a more “rugged,” optional tour of Turkey’s interior?

koray-We have Cayenne S as leading car and also for our Ice driving Experience. We will have Adventure Tours in 2015 and we definitely will be adding more Cayennes or Macans. But Porsche quality in general ensures that issues with the cars are typically limited to tires. Which is a good thing as with Turkish import taxes Porsche parts can be very expensive compared to other countries. We do check all cars at night, and after every tour they get a full check-up and are serviced.

Getting the tours prepared to perfection for his clients is his goal. Koray had this dream for a long time before he took the actual step of setting up his own business. He took this time to prepare the perfect programme. Perhaps this perfectionism is reflected in the choice of transportation? Pablo's curiosity is sparked: 

pablo-Is there any night driving involved, or perhaps a client can go for an evening drive in one of the Porsches on their own?

koray-Our tours are for passionate drivers, but we cater to the less experienced as well. It all comes back to our motto of stress free driving. And with all the fine dining and parties at night, it's best to not mix Porsches and alcohol late at night. That is one thing we strictly adhere to.
pablo-The 410km leg of the tour can be a real test, especially with clientele who are generally a pain in the ass by nature. How do you deal with difficult clients, and do you modify your tour if you find yourself in these sorts of situations?

koray-Well, actually... no. As I lead the tours personally, I make sure everything is managed in detail, both before and during the tour. We also offer all kinds of options to make our clients happy along the way.

Koray's clients present a mix from different countries, but most frequently they are from the USA, UK and Turkey itself. Both couples and singles. The itinerary fits all age groups, and before starting the tour Koray will inform you on what to expect.

pablo-So, Koray, does that leave any spare time for you and what are you hobbies?

koray-Well, I used to race with radio controlled cars, but that's merely a hobby now. And of course, I love to spend time with my daughters when I am at home. But on the tour it's all about giving the clients a once in a life time experience. Usually the only hard part is up front, to reassure everyone it’s safe. But once they've traveled with us, they want to go again.
pablo-But people surely want to drive different tours? Any plans for expanding the options and your business?

koray-We will be expanding on European Tours, the South of France and Italy already next year. We also have a new tour coming up “6 German Wolf”. But like the tour in Turkey, we aim for the same level of stress free driving and the service that goes with that.

pablo-So, what's the leader's choice of transportation?

koray-I love driving my 997 4S.

Enough said!

Check out Stress Free Driving Tour's website at:

If you'd like to contact Koray, email or give him a ring for a trip of a lifetime.

telephone: 00 90 546 645 30 01


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I would love to do a trip like this!

Thanks for sharing Koray and team Flüssig!

PS. Just when I think I've read everything here, I find another tasty morsel like this. :)


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