words by pablo deferrari renderings by emil baddal

While looking at Emil’s renderings of his visionary 928 for the future, something clicked in my head; the 928 still has a tight grip on the soul of many passionate artists still capable of capturing their imagination nearly 20 years after its death. Could the 914 make such a claim? How about 356? I haven’t come across any artist that use either of the two as Porsches fit for a re-introduction into the modern world. None. Why? 

As modern as they both were and timeless as they still are, they’re fossils, much like the 911. Think of how silly, no ridiculous, it’d be to take a 356 and thrust it into modern times. Disagree? Look at the Mini and VW Beetle, how do you think they fare in the eyes of diehard enthusiasts? They had their success, then became obsolete for a while, and then by a stroke of some marketing geniuses, were regurgitated to help ailing sales and stoke the embers of nostalgia to those trying to relive the good old days. Balls. They’re too cutesy, too irrelevant, and aside from jumping on the retro band-wagon, speak nothing of modern times—except that we live in the past.

The 911? Well, I do love the thing and always will, but it’s just been a long and steady evolution…it was never really meant to go away, it just had to play by the many rules modernity set for it to stay alive. 

The 928 is different. It never had a chance to show the world just how ground-breaking and ultra-modern it could’ve continued to be. From the start, it was a car that was much too far ahead of its time. Enthusiasts would slide behind the wheel and be in total awe at its freshness…it wasn’t an evolution like the 356 giving way to the 911 where the familiarity was still there. The 928 had the genes, but it was completely different; no other Porsche before it could stake a claim.

"The 928 wouldn't simply evolve; it would merely just shed its skin like a snake and continue on forging new paths..."

Had the 928 continued, it would always be breaking some new ground, utilizing the latest technology dreamed up by Porsche, using materials and engineering that no other car manufacturer has ever used before. It’s just the nature of such a car and one expected it. The 928 wouldn't simply evolve; it would merely just shed its skin like a snake and continue on forging new paths, not desperately trying to keep one foot in its own history with the help of some plastic surgery and trendy styling.
I think Emil Baddal understands all that, looking at his renderings only confirms it.

He was a scant 10 years old when the last 928 rolled out of Zuffenhausen. He’s been fascinated with cars since before he could walk and would spend his free time drawing cars he’d seen on the street, and he’s become very good at it. A few years ago, he began showcasing his renderings around the internet when one of his fans living in Germany who was restoring a 928 struck up a conversation with him and brought about the idea of a successor to the 928. Naturally, his interest piqued because Emil is a huge fan of the 928, his second favorite Porsche, the Carrera GT being his favorite and the 968 his third.

So he went about sketching his version of it trying to be as loyal as he could to the original design but injecting a bit of freshness with subtle changes in proportions. 

Take for example his take on the pop-up headlamps. He wasn't really feeling them, but he appreciated their design. So he decided to compromise and redesign them to remain as flush units utilizing low-profile LED projectors so that he could maintain the signature look of the original headlamps. In keeping with the sanctity of the design, Emil decided to proportionally increase the wheelbase slightly and reduce the front overhang in order to fit a turbocharged V8 behind the front axle coupled with a DSG “double clutch” gearbox mounted in the rear to maintain the nearly 50/50 weight distribution like the original.

These renderings are preliminary though, Emil plans on going back in to further refine a few elements to perfect his design. It’s nearly there and once finished, we’ll witness not only an artist’s passion for one of Porsche’s most innovative designs, but further proof that the 928 still stirs the soul…it doesn’t need a comeback, it lives on with more intensity than ever. Just ask Emil.


Many thanks to Emil for sharing these tantalizing renderings with flüssig, it gives enthusiasts hope that this super-car will find a special place with the next generation of  928 custodians. Please visit his website for more of his visions on automotive legends.




04/07/2014 22:57

Emil, you nailed it.
This car should be built.


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