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Here's a story about a Peggy who caught the Porsche bug early on; and a bit of yellow fever to go with that, which she's still not been able to cure. I loved working on this story as Peggy takes us through nearly forty years of Porsches and more. And I even found a link in there to me being Dutch and my favourite garage footwear. Let's see if you can spot that one also. Enjoy!

To a little kid, the world and anything in it seems large. Imagine the sight of a big 1930's convertible Packard to me as a small kid. In bright yellow! With big tires in the fenders. I mean, these 1930's cars look like Mount Everest even compared to today’s pepper Porsches...

A sight not easily forgotten. To me it was the start of a lifelong interest in cars. And a 'yellow theme' that spins right through it.

"I had never seen anything like it! I walked over and chatted a bit with the owner. He explained it was a red 1974 Porsche 914. And I just fell in love with it..."

It was my dad who brought home the 1930's yellow Packard convertible. I couldn't stop looking at it. A work of art!  He bought and sold cars so he didn't have it for very long. A lot of cars came and went, as did the years. Living my life, through school, work, marriage, divorce, a second marriage, more school and another career, I never lost that interest in cars sparked by this big yellow Packard. Here's my Porsche story, and a bit of my life's storyline as well.

I remember the first time I ever saw a Porsche.  It wasn't yellow, but on that particular morning in late spring the bright yellow sun made it the perfect day for a drive in a convertible after a long cold winter. It was 1975. My husband and I owned a veterinary clinic in North Dakota providing veterinary care to mostly farm animals and some pets. I was just getting into my truck to go out on a farm call when this stunning little red car pulled into the parking lot. I had never seen anything like it! I walked over and chatted a bit with the owner. He explained it was a red 1974 Porsche 914. And I just fell in love with it...
I just had to have one and in that same year, I bought a red 914 Porsche just like the one I had seen in the clinic parking lot. And we didn't stop there: before we said hello to 1976, my husband bought a white one. Unfortunately these two cars had short lives, at least with us. Rog's car was destroyed in a fire at the dealership where he had left it to be serviced. They replaced it. Mine suffered a creased door when a carload of teenagers deliberately slammed their car door into it. Repairable, but, being rather fussy about my cars, I traded it in for a 1976 2.0 liter, chrome bumper 914, in, you've guessed it, yellow.

In 1979, we moved to Vermont bringing our cars with us. We kept them for two years and then sold them. Rog's car was kept in the family, as his daughter bought his. Mine was starting to rust a bit, and as you know already, being a bit fussy about cars, I sold mine also.

Life was busy. Rog's veterinary practice was demanding of his time and I went back to school in 1985 graduating with a law degree in 1988. The 1990's flew by – I worked as a prosecutor in the criminal justice system, taught at one of the Vermont colleges, opened my own veterinary practice limited to surgery, worked on animal cruelty cases and did national and international consulting on animal issues. But I still wanted to buy another Porsche.

In 2002, it was back to that first Porsche I fell in love with: I bought another red 914. Nostalgia for sure!!  In 2004, another red car followed. This time a bit more modern and water cooled. I bought a 1995 red 968 cabriolet with a tan leather interior.  Stunning!  Beautiful!  I was hooked on Porsches. There had to be even more Porsches in my future! Summer is short in Vermont so we drove both cars through the beautiful Vermont scenery. It was a fun time.
In 2009, the yellow feaver started acting up again and, through eBay, I bought a mint 1987 'summer yellow' 944 from a nice gentleman, Jim, who lived in Texas.  The car was in exquisite condition - 40,000 miles– right out of the showroom quality. I was very impressed with the care this seller had given his car. We became friends over the years. Jim is a retired airline pilot with a love for Porsches. He had owned several but was moving from Texas to North Carolina and needed to sell the 944.  He did keep his 1964 356 C, which was, yellow...

Then my beloved husband passed away in 2010. It was a really rough year. Jim had also lost his wife and understood the pain. He stayed in touch and was very supportive. I will be forever grateful for his kindness.

"Meanwhile, my herd had increased in size but the garage space hadn't."

In 2011, I bought a 2003 Boxster from a young man in Maryland. Color? Yellow! He had bought a new Lexus and needed to sell the Boxster to make room for his Lexus. He listed his car on eBay and it was his first attempt to sell on eBay. No one was bidding on his Boxster and after talking to him on the phone a couple of times, I placed a bid and won the car. A very lucky purchase: 38,000 miles and in show-room condition! You're starting to know me a little by now: I am a bit fussy about my cars...

I kept looking at 911's when I wanted to buy yet another Porsche. And I was interested in yellow cars only from now on. Meanwhile, my herd had increased in size but the garage space hadn't. Jim suggested that I convert my basement to an indoor garage. I had an insulated garage door installed. I can now store 4 cars down there with heat in the winter and a couple of dehumidifiers in the summer. While some of my cars don't, this garage does have real climate control. How cool is that?
During this time, I sold the red 914 to a friend. The red 968 went to my neighbor, Dave, for a special reason. He and his wife Cindy were my close friends. He loved the car so I let him drive it occasionally. Cindy developed breast cancer and did not survive. Dave was devastated. He needed something to help him get through his grief – the 968. It's amazing how a long spirited drive in a great car can do wonders to shift one's thoughts. Driving normal cars can add stress, but Porsches do the exact opposite, they pull you in and focus your thoughts on just the drive. No wonder Dave still has it and will absolutely not part with it!

So now I had two yellow Porsches left: the 944 and the Boxster. I discussed getting another Porsche with Jim. He suggested the 993 as it was the last of the air cooled engines. We looked at pictures of it and I was fascinated by the clean lines and balance. The perfect car to fill up the third space in my garage. We finally found one out in California – a Targa. Pastel yellow! I bought it. 36,000 miles. This 993 is the most beautiful of all my Porsches. And the pastel yellow color on a Targa is rare.   Most are red, black or blue.

With only one space left in my garage, the model of choice to fill that up was easy: it had to be a 968 cabriolet again. In, yes... yellow! Two years previously, I had been in contact with a man in Pennsylvania who had a 1994 'speed yellow' 968 cabriolet but didn't want to sell it. 

I found his email address and dropped him a note asking if he still had the 968. And, if so, would he be willing to sell it? We talked on the phone several times. His wife wanted a new kitchen and he was interested in a BMW, so the timing was right this time and he decided to sell me the car. I was so excited as I knew it would be a good one. It had 48,000 miles on the odometer. I bought it! 

Jim helped out and flew up from NC to Philadelphia, picked up the car and brought it to my home in Vermont. My mechanic restored it to original as the seller had added some fancier equipment – emergency brake handle, shift knob, etc. Luckily the seller still had the original parts and he sent them up with the car. 

This year, I had it detailed before putting it in the warm basement for the winter. Only ten 'speed yellow' 968 cabriolets were sold in the US. Mine is number 3. And garage space number 4 was no longer empty!

So who does all the mechanical work on the cars? Vermont is a lovely small state – an ideal place to live. But it is difficult to find a Porsche mechanic here. I got lucky. A nice young man, Karl Holzschuh, worked as a mechanic for the fancy Ferrari shop about 20 miles from where I live. He also worked on Porsches there, along with amazing cars like a 1952 Ferrari 212 race car, many of which won best of show awards after Karl had his hands on them. But when the economy went sour, Karl lost his job. He now has a full time job in manufacturing but wants to keep his auto repair skills honed. He does all my mechanic work at my house. He just finished replacing all the belts on the 944. Age related wear, as these yellow birds are getting a day older too. But they keep me young!

So my basement is full, but the Porsche bug hasn't given in yet. Still, I would like to own a 911 from the 70's. Jim and I will keep looking, which is part of the fun! And the color? Well, the yellow fever hasn't subsided either...

Peggy W. Larson

Williston, VT


Hayward Taylor
04/13/2014 21:47


Nice collection especially like how you have different models. I started with an 86 911 cabriolet, then 87 944 turbo, 92 968, 95 993, 2007 997. While never picking one color after owning 2 red cars I moved into other colors like cobalt blue, riviera blue and signal green. Love the painted wheels on the 968. My 997 in signal green has matching wheels and my riviera blue 993 did as well until a dealer repainted them prior to my purchase. that is on the short list for this year is to put it back to factory on the wheels.

Peggy Larson
04/14/2014 09:53

Would love to see your collection!! Why don't you do a story for Flussig?

That 993 is one heck of a car, isn't it? I am looking at a yellow 1980 coupe at the moment. Getting a PPI done. Might consider red if the right one comes along.

Jeff Coe
04/29/2014 21:09

Great story and great cars. I'm glad they are in your care, especially the 968!

Peggy Larson
04/29/2014 21:20

Thanks, Jeff. You met Jim when he brought my car to NH. I am sure you recognized the picture. Mine is second from the left. I had the 968 detailed last summer and it is stunning. Looks brand new. Hope to see you one of these days.


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