beer run




words and photos by adam blauer

There it was; waiting patiently in the driveway, covered in a little mixture of dirt, fallen leaves and a few spots of bird shit…my 1994 Slate Grey M030 968. 

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been a bit neglected since my son was born 13 months ago, and rarely gets driven other than to and from PCA autocross events at Moore Airfeild / Fort Devens in Ayer, MA. 

Luckily, my mom had my son for the afternoon, and after a labor intensive afternoon digging up a brick walkway in my backyard, I needed a beer. One problem…my fridge was all out of my go-to Heady Topper. Solution? Head to the nearest liquor store, 2 miles away.
I quickly considered taking my stage 3 2001 S4 Avant…but 2 miles isn’t enough to get the oil warm enough to boost 25 psi (and keep my turbos for more than 10k miles). 

Who wants to drive a big turbo car without hitting boost? Not me. 

"I bought the car to drive, not to sit back, relax and be numbed like the commuter cars of today."

The 968 fired up right away, as it always has (well, other than the time the DME relay solder joints cracked). I left the driveway and instantly was reminded of why I owned the car. It’s rough going down my pothole-filled and many-times-patched road…but it doesn't bother me - I bought the car to drive, not to sit back, relax and be numbed like the commuter cars of today.
One mile passes; nothing going on although a few people turn heads as they pass by in their Camcords…probably thinking - damn, I wish my wife would let me buy something like that! 

I turn the corner and head toward the liquor store. I see in the distance ahead of me…is that a 993? No! It’s a 964. Windows down, I give a quick wave to the driver and he gives me a thumbs up. 

A couple kids turn their heads as I drive by - maybe someday they’ll have a Porsche of their own. Shortly thereafter, I get to the red light. A guy on his bike rides by and shouts “nice car!” Left turn…almost to the liquor store and I spot a maroon early 928 that I’ve seen around town twice. A wave out the window and I see a big smile on his face and a thumbs up as he passes. 

It’s a small town, and Porsche spottings are few and far between (I even pulled into a driveway and rang the doorbell to introduce myself to the owner of a 996 GT3 I spotted one day).
I pull into the parking lot of the liquor store. An older guy walking out says,

“sick car, man!” 

He’s passing by and another walks out of the liquor store. 

“Is that a 928??” 

Probably the most common conversation starter I get when driving the 968. After a little explanation, he takes off and I head into the liquor store. After much deliberation about what will be the best temporary replacement for my Heady Topper addiction…I walk out with a 12-pack of Smuttynose Finestkind IPA (and after having a few, a solid IPA, I might add). 
I open the door and go to put the beer on the passenger floor when I hear 

“Hey, can I ask you a couple questions?” 

It’s a young kid - probably about 16 or 17, waiting in the Honda Ridgeline for his dad to pick up some beer. 

“My dad and I have been talking about buying a 928, he’s been a big Porsche fan since he was little.” 

I start by explaining that the car is an evolution of the 924/944 series and is actually a 968. I ask what they’re planning to do with it - track, autocross, weekend driving, etc. His father walks out and we talk for 20 minutes about 968s, 944s, 911s, and 928s. 
I invite them to come and see what autocross is all about, as PCA is holding an event this Saturday - no better way to get someone hooked than showing them what fun can be had with such little risk (other than getting a rubber cone smudge on your side skirt. 

I gave him a business card and we went on our separate ways. This 4 mile round trip reminded me of why I fell in love with the car (besides the fact that I was too poor for a 993 at the time)

It may not be the most valuable car or the fastest Porsche…but it sure as hell looks great, drives amazingly, and, some may say most importantly, always a conversation starter. 

As Pablo said - 

"Porsche passion, it’s all about the camaraderie."


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