words and photos by felix page

Awakening one autumn morning in Luxembourg, my ferry would sail from France in the afternoon whilst my own bed awaited that evening in Cardiff, Wales.  This was a challenge the 924 would take in its stride. 
My journey started a few days before, leaving the UK for the first hotel in Reims, which would break up the drive to Dijon-Prenois for historic motorsport.  Deciding it was best to cover the distance with relative ease, I made progress along the quiet toll roads.  Unfortunately it was dark by the time I got to Reims, meaning the historic pit straight of the old circuit will have to be discovered another time. 
Heading to Dijon, my excitement mounted, and dashing through the countryside I was eventually able to see the power lines in the distance, a feature I'd recognised from photographs of the circuit.  Walking around the circuit was surreal, it was familiar from Youtube videos yet foreign at the same time.  With the weekend of racing over, the next hotel was in Strasbourg, which would be reached via Switzerland, as I curious to see the landscape.  
My visit was fleeting, as I didn't have any Swiss francs!  However, the scenery was stunning and as driving conditions conspired against me, it was truly the most visceral drive.  Darkness fell, mixed with thick fog as I carved through the winding roads.  In the back of my mind I wondered just how useful my break down cover would be at this point.  Reaching Strasbourg late at night, it was a relief to find the hotel had a 24 hour reception.  
Signing out early, I was back on the road, the next destination being Stuttgart, for a look around the Porsche museum.  The whole building was very clean and the coffee was excellent.  With a careful examination of the 924's on display and a selection of petite 917's, Luxembourg would be the final stop.  Once again, the roads were shared with very few cars and utterly fantastic to drive.  

In just one day the 924 traversed Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, England & Wales.


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