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Japanese Porsche 924S Le Mans or club sports as it was known out there. it was 1 of 20 made for that market and is the same spec as the UK/ROW Le Mans but has a few subtle differences like factory fitted front fender extenders, rear seat extenders, bee sting aerial....car has 167bhp.
It has the 944 2.5 litre engine at the same power but in a lighter body. this was the final year of production and probably one of the rarest in the 924/924S line apart from the racing cars. in the UK there were 37 white and 37 black.

The car is a low mileage example (121,000KM/75,000miles) and very original and super reliable. it has 3 previous owners, one of them being my father in law who owned it from 2007 till 2015 when he died. Previous to that it was owned by Leigh Kingston-Hardy who is a classic porsche specialist who used to have a garage in Fulham called Leigh's garage and has 30 years experience, it was actually his wife's car so looked after really well by him, he bought the car from the japanese business man who bought it new.
Since my ownership i have done belts and water pump/rear disc replacement/1 wheel bearing and a full major service at 118,000KM. it had new konis a few years ago.

I can honestly say that in the last year it really has been an absolute joy to own with no problems at all, everything works as it should, it has lots of power and handles beautifully, the Porsche drivers at the 92forty event this year said it felt exactly as it should do.

The interior is fantastic as the front seats were recovered by southbound in the original fabric around 2009. the rear seats are in good original condition.
the bodywork is fantastic without any rust and the paintwork is mainly factory apart from one of the front fenders which as been repainted. the bonnet has some lacquer coming off but only really visible close up
bad points are: a couple of little dings, one on the nose which again only visible in some lights, this should be an easy fix with a good dent removal person, if the nose piece is removed(it is the bolt on type) and a small 50pence piece shaped knock about the drivers side rear wheel arch.
Car has 2 keys and and a key fob which unlocks/locks the doors and sets the alarm, it also has an immobiliser key but i haven't used it. it has the original Porsche toolkit and jack and the luggage cover.

Tyres are Conti Sport2 all round and have loads of life in them. it has a great Alpine stereo with an Ipod lead in the glovebox.

It comes with loads of bills and owners manual.if you are looking for an unmolested and totally original car with low miles this is the one alomng with being one of the rarest versions.

if you want to speak to me, please call on 07768698285

here are the delivery options for this car from Porsche:
VIN 92JN400312 
engine 46J60XXX 
color P1=alpine white 
interior RV=leatherette black,cloth grey/ocre 
delivered to Japan July'88

options :

030=sport suspension 
360=splash guard corners 
431=4-spoke leather steering wheel 
526=door panels cloth 
573=air conditioner 
650=removable top 
657=power steering 
755=special model'88 
989=sportseat left/right


<![CDATA[1993 Porsche 968 Turbo RS Nº 2 of 4 €750.000 (USD$843,761)]]>Thu, 08 Sep 2016 01:50:25 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1993-porsche-968-turbo-rsn-2-of-4-750000-usd843761el jefe
Car number 2 of the 4 cars made, Producing approximately 480 BHP. The only road legal 968 Turbo RS. Factory standard car, The rarest RS Porsche ever made. 

A very rare and collectible Porsche, Only four 968 RS' cars were ever made and car number two here has some unique specifications. A three owner car from new with documented history. This special car has not been on the market for 15 years. Please inquire for more details and information.
a bump, a jolt, and then a muffled explosion shocks you out of slumber. 

you look out your window and see the furthest General Electric turbine in flames, its charred guts falling into the Atlantic 36,567 feet below. lights begin flickering in stereo with the screams of the other passengers dousing the captain's urging to stay calm. 

your're fucked. 

you're gonna die.

you've gotta fuck...someone, ANYONE, one last time — before it all ends.

this, I imagine, was how the Turbo RS was born.

how else could you explain the birth of what could be the most ridiculous car during the worst time in Porsche's history? 

by 1993, the reality of the 968's failure to rub drivers between the thighs made the timbers of Zuffenhausen's decision makers shiver. sales that year were down to around 12,500 for 928s, 911s, and 968s resulting in the company's first loss of DM150 million. Arno Bohn, the boss of this mutiny, had one foot out the door and would be lucky to escape with his ass intact.

rather than order all bulkheads closed before ramming the iceberg, they launched this beast of excess at the Geneva Auto Show that year with a 3,0 liter, KKK turbocharged Vier zylinder lump that pumped no less the 350hp at the back of the crank; and they did it with 16 valves, something Porsche's engine wizard, Ingenieur Herr Paul Hensler, deemed unnecessarily complex.

oh come on...they were only gonna scratch out 100 cars dedicating a special line at Weissach to produce them. just this once; two versions, that's all — one for Le Mans and International GT racing (350hp) and a sandbagged version (337hp) for the ADAC GT cup. and look, they'll be priced at DM198,200, about USD$119, 375 (USD$198,805 in 2016 dollars). with a top speed of 175mph and sub 5 second 0-100km/h sprints, how could they lose?

well, shit. the grand touring car championship series never matured and the ADAC had become a vortex. overnight, the car that was sure to make the most mature driver drop a load of shit in his dungarees was a commercial wet noodle. desperately needing a laxative, Weissach's bowels could only squeeze out three "reworked" examples for three buyers (yes, four total were made) sending them out with 8 valves in lieu of the exotic 16. an attempt to salvage some of the efforts that went into this program with the Turbo S had become sloppy seconds that no one really cared for at the time...even with its detuned 305bhp, and 368 lb/ft of torque. 

had Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking become Porsche's CEO a year earlier in August of 1992, it's doubtful that this last fling with blown four cylinders would've ever happened, especially in an attempt to amortize the enormous development costs that went into this turbocharged 16 valve Vier zylinder motor into 19 cars.

it's possible that WP0ZZZ96ZPS896061's high intensity exercise regimen she enjoyed in South Africa may be threatened at this price. but even at a more sedate pace of an occasional rip to the boozer or crossing Europe's borders with a duffel bag stuffed between the Matter rollcage, she'll have you soiling the seat of your pants with a twitch of her tail.


<![CDATA[1981 Porsche 928]]>Sun, 17 Jul 2016 21:58:12 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1981-porsche-928cap'n clean (andy mcculley)
We kick off the flüssig exklusiv classifieds section with a beautiful and very special 1981 928 5-speed.  This particular car is featured with a rubstrip delete Mokka Brown exterior and a two-tone beige and brown interior.  With 20,000 original miles, the car is original down to the Pirelli P7’s. 

For sale in Wichita, Kansas, the owner Debbie Zrubek inherited the car from her father who recently passed away.  Her dad purchased the car from the original owner who was a friend who lived in Philadelphia. 
Year: 1981
Make:  Porsche
Model:  928
Transmission:  Manual
Color:  Mokka Braun
Interior:  Beige/Brown
Mileage: 20,700
Owners: Two
Documentation:  Original owner’s manual, maintenance manual, recent receipts.
Location:  Wichita, KS.
Previous Locations:  Wayne, PA
Modifications:  None
Upon close examination of the pictures, you will notice that there is no visible leather shrinkage around the defroster vents, no separation of the seams on the seats, and no noticeable corrosion on the cadmium plated bits in the engine bay.  I have been informed by Ms. Zrubek that the car has never had any paint or bodywork of any kind. The only visible exterior flaw is a small dent and scratch on the very rearmost portion of the driver’s side rear quarter panel.  A picture of the flaw is included below.  Inside, the tool kit appears to be complete and the original luggage cover and radio are present. 

The flaws on this car are more historical than cosmetic or mechanical.  Mr. Zrubek performed all of his own maintenance, but unfortunately did not keep detailed records.  The lack of documentation is the biggest knock against the car.  I was also informed that the odometer quit working a few years ago, but the car was taken to a specialist shop immediately upon notice for a replacement odometer gear.  Ms. Zrubek informed me that the discrepancy should amount to less than 100 miles.  
Ms. Zrubek said that she is excited to have the car featured in flüssig’s classifieds section, and has told me that she would love to find a new owner who will love the car as much as her father did.  We are equally proud to have the honor of featuring such a pristine and beautiful example of an original-bodied 928.  As everyone knows, 928’s in this condition are extremely rare, and don’t come up for sale very frequently. 

I know that there’s a passionate flüssiger out there who would be happy to give this beautiful 928 a good home.  You may contact the owner, Debbie Zrubek via email at:  ksucat1@msn.com

-Cap’n Clean 
<![CDATA[1995 Porsche 928 GTS USD$59,000]]>Fri, 10 Jun 2016 11:05:36 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1995-porsche-928-gts-usd59000cap'n clean (andy mcculley)
Thank you for bidding on a very special car, one of only 77 928 Gts models produced for the US market in 1995, the last year of this models production.
The 928 has the distinction of being Porsches only coupe powered by a front mounted V8 motor as well as the company’s first production V8 powered model.

This particular car was sold new to the original owner on August 8th of 1995 and he owned the car until January of 2016 when I purchased it.
The original owner is a local surgeon who collected coupes and took extremely good care of everything he owned.
I have been able to secure service records going back to December of 2011 from Westmont Porsche here in Illinois and from that time to the last repair order from them dated July 2015 with 62685 miles he spent $15,480 
This shows you the level of care and maintenance taken on this vehicle.

Recent items repaired or replaced;
Fuel pump      51,841 miles
Timing belt    51,841 miles
V belts             51,841 miles
Brake fluid flush  57,789 miles
Wheels refinished  61,864 miles

The car is black over beige hides with black piping
The original MSRP was $85,105 and pretty much everything was standard on these last cars including increased air conditioning, electric sunroof and remote cd changer.

As you can see by the pictures the car is in excellent condition with it only being driven on dry, warm days.
All books, recent records and keys are included as well as original Porsche car cover and many pamphlets from back when new.
It truly is a car worth adding to a collection.

Haggerty values for the car are between $59,000 being excellent condition and $85,900 in Concours with a 20% reduction for an automatic transmission which this is.

I noticed that the bottom engine shield is broken and have ordered a new one which is included in the sale directly from Porsche.

This car was meant to stay with me for a while as I believe this is a car that continues to increase in value especially with the records and condition of the vehicle but the wife dictates the sale, and this is VERY true in this case.
I’ll confess that I sleep with my laptop laying at the opposite end of my bed.  The first thing I do when I wake up is check the automotive listing sites to see what has been posted overnight.  Today’s morning eBay search yielded a pleasant surprise.

This one owner 1995 928 GTS is, as we know, the ultimate iteration of the 928.  The black on tan color combo adds to the appeal and adds a check in the “black/tan” box on my list of desired specs for a 928.  It also has rubstrip delete, all service receipts since new (supposedly), and has only been in the hands of one owner since its original purchase.  Check, check, check.   The price is right too.  Under $60K!  Try finding another GTS (much less a ’95) in this condition for less money. 

According to the 928 Registry, this car was purchased new in August of ’95, and was registered in Chicago from 1995 through the last entry date in 2003.  According to the seller, the car remained with the original purchaser until January of this year.  The car is advertised through a BMW dealership’s eBay account, so it is possible that the car was never titled to a second owner (but was instead titled as dealer inventory).  There is no history report available in the ad, but I’d advise interested parties to request one from the seller.

As for the condition, this car looks to be pretty nice.  The ad makes no mention of any paintwork, but I’d obviously be sure to measure each panel with a paint thickness gauge to see if available records account for any discrepancies among the panels.  I don’t consider paintwork to be an issue as long as it is well documented and was done properly by a reputable body shop. 

Otherwise, there don’t appear to be many imperfections on the exterior.  The radio antenna could use a replacement, and the lug nuts seem to have lost their original black anodizing.  I’m pleased to see the original decals still on the rear windows, as some have long been out of production (large white rectangular one on the passenger side).  I hope that whoever purchases this car recognizes the significance of the decals and doesn’t peel them off to apply window tint.

Inside, the leather appears to be a little dry and cracked in some areas.  It also appears to have some fading, but the dullness may be a result of poor lighting.  I especially like the presence of the original CR-1 head unit and changer.  So many 928’s have had their original radios replaced, so the presence of the CR-1 certainly adds some value. 

The car also appears to be pretty clean underneath.  The cosmoline is still intact, and the usual overspray onto nearby pained panels appears to be present.  It’s hard to see in the blurred undercarriage picture if the frame rails have any damage, so I’d be inclined to ask the seller for better pictures.  I don’t see any signs of rust, so I’ll assume that the car was stored during the winters. 

Overall, this car looks like a very nice, lower mileage GTS.  The comprehensive documentation and extra goodies (sales brochures, etc.) add some value to this car.  I’d like to see some more pictures included in the ad (better undercarriage and interior pictures, close-ups of any flaws, pictures of the engine compartment, and a few of the spare tire area). If you want a very nice 928 GTS that you could either show, drive regularly, or both, this is probably a good one to consider.  At the low asking price, I don’t think it will be available for long, so get on it! 

-Cap’n Clean (Andy)

<![CDATA[1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT]]>Thu, 28 Apr 2016 21:32:44 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1981-porsche-924-carrera-gtel jefe
Vehicle and engine have been rebuilt, obsolete technology, performed Large maintenance..The vehicle was worked extensively, is offered on behalf of customers and can be visited by appointment. For more information please contact our Classic specialists are at your disposal.
“you?” I say to Mickey, jutting the filter end of my smoke at him.

“not at that price.” he says, crossing his arms.

“how ‘bout you, Chas?”

“FUCK that!” he blurts out.

I take a drag, look over at Rico blowing smoke through my nose.

“it’s down to you, baby…you taking this pig home?” I say with a laugh.


I asked Rico last because he, like me, knows this Carrera’s been dicked up; he continues.

“this thing’s like a whore who’ll suck us all off, better than any woman we’ve ever been with, but I’m not giving her the keys to my flat and telling ‘er to move right in.”

“goddamn, Rico…” Mickey says “you and jefe — it always goes back to pussy when it comes to Porsches.”

“take a good look at this thing Mickey, it’s fucking amateur.” Rico was just getting warmed up.

“no rub strip on the rear bumper, aftermarket exhaust looking louder than it sounds, and look here,” going over to the front, opening the hood, “never mind the under-hood pad coming unglued, the yellow factory stickers on the tops of the right side inner fender are gone. whoever rebuilt this thing didn’t give two shits about sourcing or reproducing them. with the exception of mimicking the factory prototype with the rear bumper rub strip delete, it’s that kinda shit that separates the craftsmen from so-called restorers.”

closing the hood, he wasn’t finished.

“then we’ve two wiper arms with the aero foil when only the driver’s side had it…and where’s the Carrera decal on the passenger side fender? hell, I didn’t even see the Carrera GT tattoo on her ass, did you jefe?”

“nope, maybe it’s visible with a black light.”

“and look at this,” walking over to the driver’s side door, opening it. “no ‘Turbo’ sill plates.”

“hey, what about the rolled lips on the front fenders? that’s not supposed to be there!” said Chas.

“no, you silly bitch,” said Rico tousling Chas’ hair, “all the GTs should have them...they’re subtle from a distance.”

“I’ll tell ya something else,” I interrupt pointing at the seven red letters over the showroom, “look at that name…you’d think they’d try and correct shit like that before advertising it. it’s all about the details — there’s no excuse, especially when they’re the source. 

then they claim it to be 63rd out of the 406 made because the VIN ends in 63, right? well...this one isn’t 63rd because Porsche had a gap in VINs between 009 and 053. although some sources claim this can’t be confirmed, it would mean that this car is the 18th 937 produced; an early one, no doubt. shit, who’s running this place, a bunch of 20-somethings living with mom and pop? goddamn amateurs.” I say, punching out the cigarette on my heel.

“from what I understand, this car had something like four owners, the last of which had it registered in Denmark as of a few years ago.” I add.

“I’m getting the goddamned manager out here!” Rico barked.

“easy Rico,” I say holding him by the arm, “none of us are even remotely gonna entertaining the idea of putting an offer on this pig, so why bother?”

“I’ll tell you why, the sonofabitch running this joint’s gotta know that if they’re asking nearly €100.000, they should’ve at least finished the job seeing to details people like us see as blasphemous.” he says.

“look, let’s just get the fuck outta here before they call the Bullen…too much passion gets a man in deep shit. take us to that café, Rico,” I yell, “the one on Münsterstraße…Emma’s Taint, or something.”

Tante Emma, not Emma’s Taint, you Fotze.”

<![CDATA[1994 Porsche 968 Coupe - USD$10500]]>Sat, 09 Apr 2016 14:36:46 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1994-porsche-968-coupe-usd10500el jefe

1994 Porsche 968 Coupe Rare Car & Color - PRICED TO SELL.......$10,500.00 

Partial trade plus cash will be considered.

This is a later model 1994, and was the 555th car built of only 718 coupes. It drives perfectly,............suspension, brakes are tight, and the car is agile and responsive.

The color code L39V is 1 of 29 D3 Iris Blue coupes and 1 of 11 paired with Marble Grey/Midnight Blue interior.

Came with the following options codes:

WQ Partial Leather in Marble Grey
249 Tiptronic Transmission
425 Rear Window Wiper
437 Full Power 8 way Drivers Seat
454 Automatic Speed Control
The tiptronic transmission was a $3000.00 option, and was placed in a small percentage of Porsche 968s.

No Rust......I bought the car in Miami, Florida, had it shipped to Vermont, where it has been inspected until 2016.

There are some dings and scratches, and a drivers side paint repair does not perfectly match after being repaired and painted. A real plus is the car came from California and Florida and has never seen a Vermont winter.

These cars are so rare, and having a very nice, RARE optioned tiptronic transmission (automatic or manual shift) combined with a 3.0 liter 4 cylinder engine is a real plus. These car are perfectly balanced as the engine is in the front and transmission is in the rear.

Vermont does not issue titles, so you will get a bill of sale and the Vermont Registration Certificate.
she was coming towards me on Rue Lepic crossing Rue Coustou. each step cat-like, kissing the pavement before springing off. her intensity was pulling me in, she'd cast a spell before I had a chance to cheat destiny. there, in front of Bar Lux, the cocoa-skinned waif with green eyes gave me wink. she sank her fangs deep wasting no time spinning me in her silk.

we sat, smoked, drank, and picked at the pomme frites in a paper-sleeved cup. on and on she went; she studied at École des Beaux-Arts, she was John Galliano's muse when he was at Dior, she interned with Lagerfeld, and spent summers in Mallorca with Anna Wintour.

she nodded at the barkeep. the Absinthe arrived, our third...I knew what she was up to. 

"You know," she said as the absinthe turned to a milky louche, "we can go back to my place..."

I moved closer, pouring iced water over the sugar cube into the Pontarlier of Absinthe.

"you can do what you like, piss on me, tie me up like a dog."

taking the fork off the top of the Pontarlier, I took a swallow. the green genie calmed the nerves enough for me to whisper...

"baby, we're moving too fast...the day's young."

she took a long drag, held it in, pulled her lips to the left and blew the smoke off to the side.  


the bitch served it cold.

she'd tucked away her bright feathers, the courtship was over. moving closer, she rested  her elbow on the table, flicked the cigarette by the filter, and took another drag with her eyes locked on mine.

this was Pigalle. the broads here had a way of making you believe. the unsuspecting would leave this place with its stinger still attached pumping venom long after they'd been had. 

I pinched the Gitane between my lips, thrust my hand into my pocket, pulled two 50s and a 200FF note from the fold, lifted the ashtray, put the bills under it, got up, walked away, and dissolved into the crowd.

rarity isn't worth a shit if you've got something no one wants.


<![CDATA[1986 Porsche 928 S  USD$8999]]>Fri, 25 Mar 2016 12:09:40 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1986-porsche-928-s-usd8999el jefe
Up for Sale is my early 1986 928 S Red with Black interior, Runs fine..Rare Manual Shift 928S as they did not make many this last year of this body style and in the following years. in the last 24 mths New Battery-Steering rack-Fuel Pump and fuel filters-Alternator- D90 Wheel set and Goodyear tires-front passenger wheel bearings in & outer and Lower Ball joint. This is not a show car, but a really, really nice daily driver. Prior owner I got it from had receipts from over $20,000 in work done.
Air conditioning lower return line has a leak.... but I have never needed the ac so I never bothered to fix it... All Gauges work and at this time, . Interior is cleaner than when I bought it, as I have replaced the console shifter parts. Sunroof works fine as do all lights. I upgraded to 8" Hella Halogen H4 Lights and lamp housings. Interior is clean with some cracking on the dash but common for this model and drivers bolster is getting rough... Power seats work great... This has been a great car for me the last 5 plus years. Family issues have motivated me to sell it... Great car, not perfect, but better than most out there and is no mess by any means... the drivers lower ball joint is worn and I have ordered a new one, the hood release cable broke and I have a replacement due.... I have a owned a few so I am familiar with them. If you have been following the prices of this model they have been climbing up in value the last 22 mths.. especially the Manual Shift as not many were imported here in the US. Hagerty Insurance Avg Valuation for this year and model is $13,784 The Best condition in the last 12 mths has gone from $28 to today of $34 Thousand... This is listed at below what this condition is now bringing in value... PUT "86 928S" in reply title or I will not respond due to spammers..... 
Yes this vehicle is in a rural area, but one of the cleanest around. Garaged Winters not driven on dirt roads.. I will consider Best reasonable offers. Great car for as long as I have had it. This one is not hacked and are very hard to find nowadays in a clean unmolested condition.... Lots of extra 928 Parts to be negotiated if interested...
ahhh..the question isn't whether the seller is well versed in speaking Shark, but whether this is an early '86 or an '86.5!

calmly...and I mean CALMLY walk up to the sonofabitch, peer down at the thin strip of 17 characters at the base of the windsheild by the driver's side A-pillar and check where the following last seven characters fall in the list below:

GS60061 to GS60937 tells you it's a 1986 
GS61001 to GS63010 tells you it's an 86,5...BINGO

what the hell's the difference?

well, the early '86s (US) basically used up the last bits of the parts inventory leftover from the 1985 (US) model...more specifically the brakes, suspension, exhaust, and the floor pan that it all bolts up to. this quiet changeover took place in November of 1985.

the '86 used up the last of the floating calipers. the 86,5 earned the soon-to-be-released 1987 S4's four-piston calipers front and rear along with fewer teeth on the wheel's ABS gear. ABS was standard, with an updated system including weather protected wiring connectors and brain.

on the suspension side, the 86,5 had the S4's updated wishbones, sway bar and  drop links, an "articulated" carrier as opposed to the 86's lower upside down ball joint, and aluminum "link bearings" (mount) for the rear trailing arms rather than being part of the chassis. 

the exhaust...this one's a big deal; it's a "true" dual exhaust all the back to the muffler.

as far as the body on the 86,5, the first give-away by sight is the rear jacking point stick out below the rocker sill, and the rear part of the floor pan was modified to make room for the beefier exhaust and modified automatic transmission bell housing, and shortened battery tray which allowed for a more compact battery. also, the rear hatch has indentations to allow for the S4's new wing.

so, where does this one fall? hard to tell from the shots...it could be one of the 877 early '86 928s, or it could be the more desirable one of 2,010. does it matter to you? 


<![CDATA[1977 Porsche 924 USD$2,000]]>Thu, 03 Mar 2016 02:10:17 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/1977-porsche-924-usd2000el jefe
I have a 1977 porsche 924 I bought as a project got it running and drove daily for 3 weeks to shake out the bugs and did water pump started going out when I tore front cover off realized that it was going to need a timing belt also all parts are available at autozone less than a 100 dollars not a hard job to do if your at all mechanical has not jumped time I parked it ran and drove good if it doesn't go soon I'm going to fix it and price will go up front fenders are junk but I have replacements that need little work interior not bad other than needing seat covers will consider trade for motorcycle or American sports car 
the color of this 924 makes me want to
eat a cookie
clap my hands 
play the harmonica
plant daises
bake a cake
jack off
run a marathon
offer free hugs
sit on a park bench with a 40 
do cartwheels
feed the ducks
be kind

it's a happy car 
a happy color 
its unhappy appearance.

it's a fun car
provoking smiles
being born in sad times.

it's a thoughtful car
asking us to be
to one another.

it only asks to be 
and maybe, if you can find it in your
to go home with you
and be 
loved again.

<![CDATA[Speedline 3 piece wheels 5x130 - USD$2000]]>Sun, 28 Feb 2016 13:39:32 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/speedline-3-piece-wheels-5x130-usd2000el jefe
18x10/18x8 One has a two inch section of curb rash but not bad at all. There not perfect. Theres some spotting under the clear coat. With a little elbow grease you could make them perfect. These were $8000 when new.
a pittance. for USD$500 each, you'll own one of the most sought after wheels that make every pre-1998 Porsche sparkle. take part, clean, polish, rebuild...

<![CDATA[Schuco RC Porsche 924 Turbo 1:20  €99,00]]>Tue, 23 Feb 2016 11:56:45 GMThttp://flussigmagazine.com/market/schuco-rc-porsche-924-turbo-120-9900fofi
Vintage Schuco / Asahi Porsche 924 Turbo from the early '80. Complete with radiocontrol transmitter. 1/20 scale. box and car are in fair condition with some wear and tear.
Seeing this car made my eyes well up a bit; the memories were horrible.

Christmas, 1980. My father dressed up like Papa Noël, he did this every year since my birth.


He wobbled towards me and dropped his heavy sac full of gifts at my feet. His false white beard yellowed with age and dotted with cigarette burn holes was on crooked. I could smell the liquor on his breath. 


Hunched over, he had his whole arm in the sac fishing for the one gift I'd been wishing for the entire year.

"AHA!!! HERE IT IS!!!"

He thrust this box wrapped with sections of Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper and bellowed a raspy HOHOHO. The beaming smile on my face as I ripped through the paper turned into straight lipped disappointment...he immediately got defensive.


I swallowed hard, tried my best to feign a smile....

"Papa Noël, it's lovely, but this is a 924...I was hoping for the Martini 928...maybe you never got my Christmas list?"

A dead silence engulfed the room. His breathing was becoming labored, I could hear the phlegm burbling deep inside his chest. He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, slammed it down on the parlor floor, stomped it out, lifted his wine stained tunic, and pulled out his leather belt...I ran for it.


Around the room we went.  Hopping over the sofa, kicking the table out of the way...VOOOSH— I felt a stiff breeze through the arse of my pajama bottoms; the belt had just missed. We circled the Christmas tree knocking it over shattering a few precious balls...


I thank the almighty for his drunkeness, had he been sober, sitting down for the next few days would've been an impossibility. My poor mum, horrified, tried in vain to stop him, her words would only fuel his fury.

"Axel...AXEL!!! Leave him ALONE!"


The distraction was enough for me to bolt through the front door, straight to the garden shed, fumble for my bicycle, and heave ho! I had outsmarted the old man; throwing the belt at me from 2 meters behind was his last attempt.