1988 944 5 speed.The car was in my lot during hurricane sandy it had 2 inches of water in it.Before the storm the ran and drove it has minor damage to the front of the car.
It's not the price, nor the year, not even the fact that it's a flood car that interests us. It's the black/grey plaid door card fabric that piqued our interest. Aside from the Silver Rose edition 951 Turbo S, we haven't seen a regular 944 sport this sort of cloth in a while. Even more striking is that the seats should have the same inlay but clearly they don't. It could be an 16-valve S or the last of the 2.5 8-valves, who knows, but the interior sure looks pretty clean...even the center console cassette lid is intact.

Here's the ad:



12/31/2013 08:15

Very nice! I'm interested. Where are you and the car located?

12/31/2013 08:19

Hi Chris, this isn't ours. We just found it on craigslist:


Keith (Butters944)
01/21/2014 12:56

Not silver rose type fabric - silver rose plaid had some red tones to it.

The car appears to be a 944 "Celebration Edition" model, with non-original seats. There are only apparently 400 or so of these models in existence. They boasted special features like a split rear seat, 16" phone dials, a commemorative coin included in the glove box, etc etc.

More info on Celebration models can be found here:


I hope to own some sort of special model 944 someday.



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