6-spd coupe, black/black. Two-owner car; maintained very well, only 3,000 miles past four years, 139k miles.
-All maintenance up to date, including oil and filter; plugs and fuel filter. 
-Upgraded suspension with Koni shocks and struts ($1200 Paragon kit w/rear coils). 
-Within the past 3,000 miles, the following work has been done: brake rotors and pads, clutch and all components, head gasket, starter, timing belt/water pump, alternator, head gasket, compressor (AC blows ice cold), oil pick-up tube, rod bearings, chain and pads replaced, SS brake lines. Car has been professionally lowered. Engine and transmission have zero issues. Upgraded Sparco Sprint seats. You will be hard pressed to find a 968 in better mechanical condition.

If you are looking at other 968s and don't see these items as having been addressed, you should think twice as they will soon be in your future given the age of these cars. I have done it all so you won't have to for years to come. $10,500.

These are rare cars and becoming rater. Only 4,000 968s imported into the US and about half were coupes and only about half of those had 6-speed transmissions.

VIN: WP0AA2969PS820452
I'm pretty sure this 968's been listed for a while. It sounds like all of the important maintenance items have been addressed including the addition of Koni upgrade from Paragon...not a cheap date. The only beef I could have is the gearbox. Made by Getrag, there's been lots of chatter about whine, pinion bearings, and so forth...what really matters is how frequently the gearbox oil has been changed and if it's been abused. These are tough units, but like all Porsche gearboxes, a heavy hand and a drag racer's foot kills the synchros.

Otherwise, this sounds like a super deal.

Here's the link:




01/02/2014 09:21

When I see ads like these, I get so tempted! And a 968 6 speed coupe is the one that tempts me most... followed by a 944 S2... then an early 930 3.3 (can't touch with a 10 foot pole).

I think I'm going to need a bigger garage... someday.


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