PORSCHE 924 MARTINI from 1977 in the orig. . & Super rare factory World Cup special model in an EXCELLENT CONDITION may be referred to in detail better than NEW
Convince yourself of the degree of perfection of our RESTORATION at GT - CLASSIC. Fuchs wheels, H - Features & TÜV appraisal report. We are happy to offer you classic car - lease at favorable terms. We also have about 40 other 911/912 in stock and are happy to answer any further questions. A visit we ask you to terminate. mediation in the private customer order - all customer information without guarantee, provision of leasing or financing possible.
1km...you read that right, this car has 1km on the clock and at USD$40K it better have or someone's getting salt pounded in their ass.

To celebrate the double world championship earned by the ass-kicking Martini & Rossi-sponsored 935 and 936 cars, this little baby became Porsche’s first limited edition 924…the Martini Rossi. These special cars with option code M426, were built from 12/76 up until 3/77 and if you're lucky enough to spot one for sale...snatch 'er up! Only 1000 units were built.

With the distinctive red, white, and blue Martini stripes gracing her flanks, she also had front and rear sway bars, a leather covered steering wheel and white alloy wheels In the cabin, the carpeting done in scarlet red with coordinating seats clothed in matching fabric with the Martini stripes on the headrest. 

The accent is the console plaque commemorating the 1969, 70, 71, and 76 Martini & Rossi liveried 935/936 wins.

Here's a chance to pretend you're in 1976, walking into a dealer, not quite ready for that 928, and plunking down the cash for this baby...

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