[DE] Original 924 SCCA # 005, ex Heishman, only 15 copies were built, very successful car. Has been in storage the last 29 years. Complete, including various spare parts
The 924DP (Class D Production) was a pressure tactic from VW-Audi in the US to try and get clients into believing that the 924 was in fact a "true" Porsche. Josef Hoppen, the importer's competitions manager chose the SCCA National's series as opposed to the Trans-Am series as a springboard.

Built by Al Holbert in Warington, PA, these 924s packed a 185hp, 2037cc lump with an 11.9:1 CR and Bosch-Kugelfischer mechanical injection with a prototype of the 931's suspension and brakes. It also had a 12 liter dry-sump oiling system and a weight reduction of 2,138lbs (970kg) which Holbert further reduced.

Great opportunity to own a piece of rare Porsche history.

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