Rarity! There are only approved about 80 pc from the 924 Turbo in Germany. This car is in original condition with two-color paint and plaid inside. 
TÜV and vintage approval of May 2013, 18 points original condition report. Original letter exists. I have restored the car for 9,000.00 Euro. Technically, everything works, all parts available, including log book, etc. It was all expertly welded, the brake system completely redone, new tires, new suspension, new fuel pump, timing belt, etc., etc. At the expense was no consideration. (All m. Bills and photo documentation). Here you get an original turbo in their original condition. Fahrbereit, approved and WITHOUT needing repair. This is a winter price. Sale ONLY wg. Lack of space :-( car is in Hamburg, licensed and roadworthy at all times. New winter tires on Porsche rims belong to it, I do not respond to emails. Please call. Then I send love to the complete repair list.
EZ 09/1979
72,000 km
125 kW (170 hp)
Manual transmission
Number of owners:4
Color:Silver metallic
Interior:Part leather Interior 

I'm not a fan of two-tones, but the 931 had some great paint schemes that were put together beautifully, really well thought out. What I also love about this car is that It wears the same tartan plaid found on the Sebring Edition and 911s, and even on the odd 928. Love it or hate it, these elements spoke volumes of Porsche's design philosophy.

What this also tells me is that there was a time, and it probably ended when Wiedeking was well into his role as CEO, that these very quirks in design were made by people who understood the car business.

These days, they seemed to have allowed marketing to take the reigns and let the public dictate what it wants, and that's not good. And at the end of the day, it's all about the numbers, the sales figures, and trying to suck more consumers into a brand that was once for the eccentric. They just can't afford to do that anymore; unless of course they were like Ferrari who was bought out by Fiat, and still allowed to remain totally exclusive without a care in the world about it's own survival...like a trustafarian.

Times may have changed, but as long as we can still buy the cars that made this company so special, how can one complain?

el jefe



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