Comments : This must be one of the best surviving Limited Edition 924 Le Mans cars to exist, only 100 right hand drive cars were ever made, this car has full and detailed history from new, and is a multiple concours winning car. Just had major service with all belts etc, the car is excellent to drive, and a great future investment. 
Model : 924 Le Mans 
Colour : Alpine White 
Interior : Black 
Engine Size : 1984cc 
Transmission : 5 speed manual 
Mileage : 63476 
Year : 1980 
Date Registered : 10-09-80 
Date Last Owner : 25-10-12 
Number of Keepers : 5 
Supplying Dealer : Roger Clark 
Chassis No : 92BN400975 
Engine No : XJO03947 
Options : All regular factory spec of this Limited Edition car, including lift out sun roof, twin electric mirrors, electric windows, 4 spoke thick rim leather steering wheel, special edition "spider web" alloy wheels, sports suspension including front and rear anti-roll bars. 

Porsche announced a Le Mans model in 1980 right after the 924 GTR finished 6th in that year's Le Mans race. Figures consistently point to only 1000 copies made with 100 going to the UK, so this little girl is very rare indeed and this low mileage example looks all of nearly USD$10K. This sum, though, brings with it lots of goodies.

The seats, for instance, are pin-striped black leather with white piping while the Porsche script on the doors compliments the interior along with a 36cm diameter 4-spoke leather steering wheel.  

On the outside, they were finished in Alpine White with subtle red, yellow, black, striping gracing the sides. They also had 6Jx15 lattice wheels like the 931, only they were 4 lugs shod with 205/60VR tires while the underpinnings included uprated dampers and front/rear sway bars.
Something else was borrowed from the Turbo...a polyurethane rear spoiler which not only gave it a more aggressive stance, it actually reduced the drag coefficient by 3 points to 0.33.

With production figures on the low, almost exclusive side, and not knowing how many are actually left,  this version can only increase in value. The price seems market correct, then, all things considered.

If this indicative of where special edition 924s are headed, the other models, aside from the Turbo and S variants, can't be too far behind. We can thank their scarcity these days on being cursed with the stigma of "Cheap Porsche" and thus neglected, discarded and treated as if it were some worthless Korean car.

Those sacrificed to the crusher will unfortunately become the reason values go up...what a shame. Buy up what's left of 'em because in 10 years time, you're going to kick yourself for passing up that faded Guards Red one behind the shitter of that Piggly Wiggly you passed on the way to work everyday.


el jefe



08/20/2014 05:44

Hi, your car looks superb, hope you got a good price for it and it went to a good home. I'm a journalist and write a lot about Porsches, never owned one though, but would love to and especially a 924 or 944 model. This 'Le Mans' edition is exactly what I would like, and I'm writing about this car at the moment, hence my looking around on the internet for info on them. ATB, Glen.

02/14/2015 07:48

I have owned a 924/931 Turbo Special Edition for over 33 yrs and am now considering selling it via Hemmings. This is a two toned car (beige/black) all original condition with 37,356 miles and no damage since new..stored inside...has the 4-lug spider web wheels leather interior, etc. Car located in Daytona Beach FL area. Trying to find out how many of these were built. Any ideas?


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